Good design isn’t just about function, it’s about intuition and communication.

You may not realise it, but the choices we make within our homes speak every time we make eye contact with them. Good design strengthens ties between family. It brings people together, it encourages them to relax, to sit by each other’s side, and to make memories, which is why Neptune has pledged to design and create furniture and homeware for lives well lived.

Neptune prefers to say everything it designs is safe ‘as boats’ rather than houses, because it’s an indication of how it uses high-calibre materials to create an enduring kind of elegance that can take a bit of rough and tumble, stand the test of time and look all the better for it.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that sailing friends, John and Giles, founded Neptune 20 years ago when they sat at the kitchen table and stitched together a hammock. They were helped by John’s wife Emma, who is now Neptune’s Creative Director.

But Neptune are far more than just designers. They’re a team of thinkers, technicians and makers, which results in clever and careful use of space throughout the home. Just as when building a boat, John and Giles have always said the way something works is as important as how it looks, so when Neptune creates a new product it thinks through every last detail. Their designs are both stunning and practical. Neptune’s products are crucially underpinned by technical excellence and skill and the team never stops trying to think of ways
to create something to make people’s lives a little easier.

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Take its larder cabinet, for example. Before doing anything else, the design team bought a whole list of groceries likely to be stored in it. Next they considered all the variations in size and shape of the products. Only then did they set to work. Today this level of dedication is reflected throughout the company and Neptune is fast becoming a lifestyle brand recognised by those who like their home to be both functional and beautiful. Indeed, from kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms to bedrooms and living rooms, Neptune brings its expert eye for craft and detail to the fore.

Their service levels are as carefully considered as its designs. For example, kitchens come with a lifetime guarantee when they’re installed by one of the company’s certified fitters. A bespoke cabinetry team in the Wiltshire head office ensures that the company never has to say something isn’t do-able. Everything is do-able. 

Neptune now has close to 30 retail stores across Britain and Europe, including the recently opened Chichester one with two planned for Chesham and Bath in early 2018. Each store is designed to make customers feel at home – this being key, since they’re laid out to look like homes rather than stores, with a calming ambiance.

There are many companies that make beautiful things. There are many who have wonderful customer service. There are few that do both. Neptune may have grown into a large business, but John and Giles are still at the heart of everything – and John and Emma still have that original kitchen table.

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