Why?’ is the question that drives everything that British interiors and lifestyle brand Neptune does. When designing a new collection, the Wiltshire-based team starts with a series of questions: why is this going to make my home happier? Why this piece over another? This ‘why-led’ approach has two clear benefits for anybody who steps into Neptune’s beautiful world of solid timber kitchens, furniture, lighting and accessories for your home and garden.

First, it means its designs have purpose and are never run-of-the-mill. Second, it helps you to know quickly whether something’s right for you or not. Put simply, Neptune’s a brand that’s about making life easier by stepping out of its shoes and firmly into yours. Ease and consideration touch everything that Neptune does. There’s a bespoke workshop at its Wiltshire HQ because the team never want to say no to creating cabinetry that works with your home’s awkward nibs and angles. Its kitchens have a lifetime guarantee because Neptune appreciates that peace of mind isn’t something to underestimate. Its customer service team is called ‘the care team’ because that’s how they approach things – with genuine care. And attention is paid to the tiniest details that make all the difference – take the little leather loop in the broom cabinet that stops the mop handle falling on you every time you open the cupboard door, or the secret cable management in its oak TV cabinetry that prevents an infuriating tangle of wires.

Neptune has grown over the years but it has never allowed its collections to surpass what the founders believe to be ‘edited choice’

Founded in 1996 by friends John Sims-Hilditch and Giles Redman, Neptune has grown over the years but it has never allowed its collections to surpass what the founders believe to be ‘edited choice’. Its aim is to give you plenty of ideas for inspiration but to never overwhelm. That’s why the team introduce new products slowly and carefully and in a way that means everything will always look good side by side. You could blend pieces from ten years ago with artwork and a headboard from the new autumn collection and it would all work together, effortlessly.


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One of the best ways to see evidence of that is to head into one of Neptune’s 31 stores across Britain and Europe (Neptune Bath is the latest addition with more set to open next year). Neptune thinks of its stores as homes rather than shops, and so do its customers. Cups of tea and jars of dog treats give you an idea of what visiting a Neptune ‘store’ is like. They are designed with that same ‘why’ front of mind. Why would you want to visit a Neptune store? Not simply to see a product but to build a picture of how it might work in your own home and how it might look with other pieces from the Neptune collection.

Neptune appreciates that peace of mind isn’t something to underestimate

Neptune: a place of unwavering quality, meticulous standards, people-first thinking, a classic, calming British aesthetic (Neptune is more about timelessness than trends) and designs to fill your whole home, all under one roof.

Neptune Blagrove Swindon Wiltshire SN5 8YG +44 (0)1793 427300