New & Lingwood
Reinventing luxury loungewear via digital excellence and magical pop up's

For over 150 years, New & Lingwood has stayed true to its roots as a British tailor while also displaying an unerring ability to evolve. This evolution has propelled it from a small village shop, originally founded to clothe the students of Eton College, to an international brand. Over time, it has continued to attract new customers around the world, who discover its unique mix of classic and contemporary style online and through its shops on London’s Jermyn Street and Lexington Avenue, New York.

In the wake of the challenges facing all businesses in 2020, along with a quick move into producing silk and cotton face masks, New & Lingwood went back to the drawing board. The aim? To ensure that the brand used this time of change to build a business fit for the future of menswear.


Keen to distance itself from a seasonal model that has become less relevant to its customers, it is introducing styles throughout the year in curated drops

English-made silk and velvet dressing gowns have long been a brand signature, with an ever-growing number of customers coming to the brand for these distinctive and comfortable styles. Reacting to this, New & Lingwood has broadened its loungewear offering, cementing itself as the go-to destination for those seeking the highest quality and most distinctive loungewear in the market. Relaxed tailoring has become the backbone of New & Lingwood’s offering, all with comfort at the core, but never diminishing the craftsmanship and unique details that underpin the brand.


The pandemic also saw the complete overhaul of the way the brand approaches its digital channels. As focused on how it sells as what it sells, New & Lingwood introduced a suite of new digital features in 2020. Most notable was its pioneering custom dressing gown service, allowing customers to design their ideal dressing gown from the comfort of their own home. After a strong response, there are plans to expand this service this year.

With some customers less able to visit its iconic stores, New & Lingwood is investing in giving its customers, no matter where they are, as much access as possible to the knowledge and services honed over decades in its stores. Supporting this renewed focus on digital growth, the brand believes a physical presence will play a vital role in conveying the magic of its product. It built on its existing stores in London, Eton and New York with the launch of the first pop-up on Belgravia’s Lowndes Street in December 2020, with further pop-up experiences planned for the future.

New and Lingwood is introducing styles throughout the year in curated drops, keen to distance itself from a seasonal model that has become less relevant to its customers, it is moving away from seasons and changing to a new model.

When thinking about how its customers will view the brand following Brexit, Freddie Briance, CEO, says: ‘Our customers have always visited us from around the world and we do not believe that Brexit will change that. It certainly won’t detract from our ambition to keep creating unique products that marry our British heritage with the modern and increasingly connected world.’