Designed to last a lifetime, Noble Macmillan’s classic leather goods are created with practicality and luxury in mind.

The small firm is tucked away in the same quiet Kensington mews where it first opened over 30 years ago and remains unashamedly traditional in its approach. It uses centuries-old techniques to produce photo albums, frames, accessories and games sets in an increasingly dazzling array of styles and colours. The business was founded in the early 1980s by friends Tom Dodd Noble and Adam Macmillan, a grandson of former prime minister Harold Macmillan. At the time, the two friends were racing cars at Le Mans and owned a mews garage in Kensington, called Noble Macmillan.

Soon after they decided to diversify, most of the country’s grandest homes and families had a Noble Macmillan album, visitor’s book or game book.

One day Tom went to buy a leather photo frame from a well- known store and was stunned by the price. Unable to find any frames of the same quality, and knowing someone who could make them cheaper, it occurred to Tom that Noble Macmillan could diversify into high quality but affordable leather goods. A few months later, boxes of hand-stitched photo frames arrived at 9 Elvaston Mews. Although the ‘shop’ was at the back of the garage, the frames sold quickly. Equally impressive photograph albums soon followed. Not much later, most of the country’s grandest homes and families had a Noble Macmillan album, visitor’s book or game book. Despite this, the tucked-away shop remained largely an undiscovered gem.

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Customers found it difficult to keep the source of their beautiful gifts a secret after a member of one of Britain’s oldest banking dynasties bought the business in 2007. As Tom Fleming and his team began to add more contemporary colours and expand the range, style gurus sat up and took notice. However, much remains unchanged. Inside the shop, the jacks that once held the Le Mans car and the inspection pit are still in evidence, as are the quality, value for money and service for which Noble Macmillan is now known.

The business was founded in the early 1980s by friends Tom Dodd Noble and Adam Macmillan, a grandson of former prime minister Harold Macmillan.

Today, Noble Macmillan is famous not only for its classic leather photo albums but also for its stylish and traditional games and travel accessories. Indeed these possessions epitomise the same esteemed family values that endure at the heart of the brand. With the recent acquisition of Walter Newbury, a bookbinding service that has been creating beautiful books for politicians and royalty for over a century, Noble Macmillan now offers bespoke items, which can be turned around astonishingly quickly. Using the traditional skills of edge gilding, marbling, bookbinding and sewing, Noble Macmillan continues to focus on age-old craftsmanship while offering a speedy and efficient up-to-the-minute service.

Noble Macmillan continues to grow its homeware and accessories range to provide milestone gifts for all ages, from 18ths to 80ths. Their engraver can personalise items in store while you wait, useful for the last-minute shopper in search of the Best of British.



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