Beautiful, high-quality craftsmanship that doesn’t cost the earth

Luxury accessories designer Loren Taylor believes that a British brand is not defined by an office address or lifestyle image, but rather by the provenance of its products and by the values that underpin it. Driven by this ethos, Loren founded Padfield in 2017 to craft truly authentic British leather goods that showcase the quality of this country’s materials and the skill of local artisans.

Dividing her time between the city and the countryside, Loren draws daily inspiration from cosmopolitan London, the beauty of Norfolk and Somerset, and her love of pared-back European style. The Padfield collection of handbags and unisex leather accessories reflects this with a style that is sophisticated and modern, yet with the timeless quality that traditional British craftsmanship provides. A Padfield is equally at home in the city, on a European break, or in a beautiful country home.

A Padfield is equally at home in the city, on a European break, or in a beautiful country home

Padfield’s first handbag style, the Somersley tote, is quickly becoming a firm favourite for customers looking for a lightweight, stylish daily companion. New to the collection is the Padfield Somerset top-handle bag – a versatile, compact style with interchangeable- detachable handles and shoulder straps. Padfield’s collection of essential accessories for all – including tech covers, wash bags, card holders and zip pouches – will remain an intrinsic part of the collection, as the company focuses on expanding its handbag offer and refining its signature designs.

A culture of sustainability runs through the company. Padfield sources as locally as is possible, and crafts its bags and accessories in response to demand in order to limit over-production and wastage. This ensures that materials and craftsmanship are genuinely valued, and that accessories are always fairly priced.

Padfield’s sustainability ethos extends through to its packaging and support of environmental work. The Padfield signature maroon gift packaging and eco ecommerce boxes are made entirely in England and fully recyclable. The company has also recently launched a tree planting initiative, making a donation towards UK forestation for every tote bag sold. Loren believes that making the decision to embed sustainable principles in the business from day one has naturally led to making better decisions in all areas.

Retailing exclusively online has allowed Padfield to remain responsive and adaptable: a blessing as Covid-19 unfolded. The pandemic affected some of their suppliers with delays to raw materials and the need to alter working practices, but they have met these challenges by remaining loyal and supportive to them, delaying new product launches and keeping in regular touch with their incredibly understanding customers.

The plan for this year is to repeat and enhance the winning 2020 formula of leveraging the quality, style and authentic Britishness of Padfield’s products in order to grow brand awareness. The company will continue to support and strengthen relationships with its suppliers, further develop its local environmental work, and listen to the needs and desires of the customers for whom it is designing and crafting.

As an agile independent company, Padfield is well positioned to respond to the ever- changing commercial landscape and is excited about what comes next.