Enter a converted school in Belgravia and you find an award-winning architectural practice formed almost 25 years ago by a small group wishing to push boundaries and bring a fresh approach to architecture.

The stated aim – to encourage clients to think of the process of ‘place-making’ rather than simply ‘building’ – has resulted in working with some of the most high-profile properties and impeccable addresses in central London. Through its many years of experience, PDP London has developed and honed its expertise in delivering both contemporary buildings and sensitive restorations of the London vernacular in prestigious, unique and historic settings.

Standing for outward-facing, exciting, progressive and design-orientated architecture that is firmly rooted in quality and excellence, PDP London has been responsible for many landmark projects. Take the regeneration of Duke of York Square, for example, which was part of the Chelsea renaissance that kicked off in 2000 and was completed in 2008. Or the conversion of Cadogan Hall into a concert hall for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in 2004.

Their numerous projects include the reconfiguration of Covent Garden and international schemes such as the award-winning buildings in Hong Kong (where PDP London has an office), as well as projects in Russia, Italy and Morocco. In 25 years the practice has grown from the 15 members of staff it started with to boasting a team of 120 employees all dedicated to designing, creating and providing buildings, places and experiences that people enjoy. PDP London is passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the public realm by creating places that people like living in. They have an inherent understanding and respect for the history, heritage and legacy of sites, while maintaining the ability to make contemporary interventions with innovative design. Crucially they are committed to working co-operatively with the best people – the PDP London team, clients and other leading British designers.

Whether designing super prime residential buildings in exclusive central London locations, or student study rooms in refurbished listed buildings, PDP London endeavours to engage, support and re-energise the places and communities where it works, preserving and enhancing the best of the contextual heritage.

One of the strategies of PDP London is to build roles around special people. The company feels it is vital that everyone is afforded the space and support to express themselves, unlocking the best of their potential. It is this commitment to the development (both personal and professional) of the 120 people who work with the practice, and an appreciation of the uniquely varied skills that they bring to the mix, that makes PDP London a great brand and one that is able to produce exceptional quality design consistently.

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Continuing its success in the high-end residential market, PDP London has evolved to export this brand of architecture internationally, starting by working with Grosvenor to re-envision the ethos and quality of the London residential brand in Hong Kong, mainland China and Japan. PDP London has worked with myriad distinguished clients, from great London estates and developers, luxury hotels and iconic institutions, through to education providers and charitable foundations. PDP London has also worked with celebrities from the worlds of music, entertainment, business and sport.

With a mindfulness and understanding of traditional values and architectural heritage, and a desire to create world-class buildings, PDP London has been pivotal in shaping the built landscape and public realm both in London and further afield. ‘The Duke of York Square is the first successful square in London designed specifically for public use,’ Lord Richard Rogers has said.

From designing exquisite hotels like 45 Park Lane, to carefully crafting the jewel-like Barrows of Covent Garden market, from the splendour and craftsmanship of the Chelsea renaissance to shaping a new, sustainable community in Belfast, PDP London’s emphasis is on creating great places to live, work and play – making a real contribution to the future of the built environment surrounding us all.



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