A British artisan chocolatier with history at its delicious centre

Prestat is one of the UK’s most-loved chocolate brands; its famous truffles are internationally renowned as an authentic expression of the British Art of Chocolate Making. Founded in 1902 by chocolatier Antoine Dufour, creator of the chocolate truffle, Prestat today celebrates outstanding quality, a unique and romantic style and a commitment to sustainability.

Prestat views 2021 with enthusiasm and determination. A new, direct approach to customers draws them closer to the ‘factory of chocolate’ and its processes. Prestat’s beautiful shop in Prince’s Arcade, Piccadilly London, rated by The Economist among the best in the world, will again welcome visitors to sample its truffles and chocolates and browse Prestat’s complete collection, rich in themes, colours and packaging. A recent digital restyling now showcases the range online and further attracts steadily growing internet sales.

Prestat owes its fame to a style that combines creativity with romanticism, steeped in British history. All are celebrated in its innovative marketing. Take, for example, its Milk Earl Grey Thins. What could be more British? Truffles continue to be bestsellers – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl paid homage to the Prestat truffle by making it the centrepiece of one of his novels. The exquisite Jewel Boxes are inspired by Queen Victoria’s very own chocolate box, which she had regularly refilled from the Royal Kitchens. Diving swallows and wild roses, reminiscent of a warm English summer’s day, designed by Storm Athill, are gracefully illustrated in pink, blue and gold, Prestat’s house colours. The boxes reveal an amazing assortment of the best chocolates made in the English tradition.

Prestat is the only company with a Royal Warrant to have complete control of the chocolate-making process, from tree to truffle, and bean to bar

A colourful, elegant icon of British style, Prestat holds a Royal Warrant as Purveyors of Chocolates from Her Majesty The Queen. The prestigious appointment honours not only its membership of a select community of Royal Warrant Holders, but its distinctive entrepreneurial approach. Fundamental to this is the exceptional quality of Prestat’s raw material – only the best varieties of cocoa are used to make its chocolate – thanks to the strong affiliation with its sister company Domori, widely recognised for making some of the finest chocolate in the world. Prestat has access to Domori’s acclaimed single-origin couvertures, making it the only company with a Royal Warrant to have complete control of the chocolate-making process, from tree to truffle, and bean to bar.

This rigorous model of chocolate-making, based on purity of ingredients and simplicity of recipe, matches modern-day sensitivity to sustainability across the supply chain. Prestat increasingly epitomises the meeting place of tradition with innovation, as its original recipes are adapted to satisfy today’s customer expectations and needs.

Prestat relishes the challenges of the contemporary world. In 2021, it will launch new Cocoa Beans, based on a superfood with fantastic wellbeing benefits – either Natural or cloaked in Dark Chocolate – a completely new taste experience which complements the lifestyle-oriented items, like the beautifully packaged and delicious Vegan Bars. Prestat’s superior quality chocolates reach the consumer after an inspiring journey, but the trusted mantra always rings true – ‘less is more’.