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Creating the best British chocolates and taking them global

2019 gave Prestat the element it needed to secure its future. The brand was already extremely happy with its past: founded in France in 1895 and creators of the world’s first chocolate truffle recipe, Prestat’s first London shop opened in 1902. Ever since, Prestat has firmly established itself as a Great British Brand. It’s been awarded two Royal Warrants, from HM The Queen (1975) and the last Royal Warrant HM The Queen Mother awarded (1999). Prestat was also official chocolate sponsor of Prince Harry’s Walking With the Wounded tour to the South Pole.


‘We’re so proud of our heritage,’ says Nick Crean, who runs Prestat with his brother, Bill Keeling, ‘but the one thing lacking was true excellence in the chocolate itself.’ That changed dramatically in March 2019 when Gruppo Illy brought the brand and married Prestat up with its chocolate company Domori.


‘Its peers recognise Domori to be among the best manufacturers of chocolate in the world,’ says Nick. ‘The ultimate connoisseur of couverture production, Domori has pioneered a unique, low impact manufacturing process, roasting and milling at low temperatures.’


‘Most chocolate manufacturers sell off their cocoa butter to the cosmetics industry,’ says Bill, ‘but Domori’s couverture keeps in the cocoa butter and all the aromatics, adding real depth and flavour.’


Prestat’s couvertures are created from single origin Cote d’Ivoire cocoa beans traceable to plantation and purchased directly from the farmers’ consortium. Domori enhances farmers’ income by paying a premium to the world market price for its cocoa.


Prestat is known and loved for its Rose and Violet Crèmes, distributed at the great fashionista Isabella Blow’s memorial service, and for its truffles, adored by the great Roald Dahl.

Prestat always brings back childhood memories of sharing, gifting and laughter


Far from resting on the laurels of its considerable reputation, Prestat continually innovates. It has brought in the young designer, Storm Athill, who has reinterpreted the bright colours and whimsical nature of Prestat’s packaging for a new generation. It has developed vegan friendly recipes, like its Dark and Stormy Bar, 73 per cent of astonishingly pure dark chocolate and the luscious 63 per cent Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds and Cocoa Nibs.


In 2020 there will be a new range of cocktail truffles and a relaunch of the classic jewel box in a new design based on Queen Victoria’s private chocolate box, plus the introduction of a brand new product – cocoa beans panned and roasted then smothered in chocolate. ‘There’s nothing on the market like them,’ enthuses Nick, ‘they represent the ultimate in vegan goodness and deliciousness.’


‘We are always learning from the brilliant expertise of Gabi Kohler, Head of Production, who knows more about chocolate than anyone else in Britain,’ says Nick. ‘By joining forces with Domori we’re handing on to the next generation, giving our team a sense of greater certainty and the opportunity to take our great British brand across the world.’


Bill concludes, ‘Though not a children’s chocolate company, Prestat always brings back childhood memories of sharing, gifting, laughter and romance.’