Really Wild
A brand that is ‘committed to thoughtfulness’

If there was one thing 2020 taught us, it was to refocus on what matters and to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us.’ So says Natalie Lake, founder of British fashion house Really Wild, who has always drawn her inspiration from nature, creating designs that celebrate our country heritage in both an urban and rural setting.

Launched in 2002 to bridge the style gap between town and country wardrobes, Natalie combines her love of the great British countryside with elegant tailoring and attention to detail, creating beautiful basics and statement pieces.

Really Wild prides itself on a dedication to craftsmanship that is second to none. Using the most meticulous construction methods and the finest Scottish tweeds, the company creates classic tailoring with a contemporary twist, always with exceptional finishing and in limited numbers. Indeed, Natalie believes that the recent changes in the retail landscape have played to her brand’s strengths.

‘We may not be dressing up as much as we did, but every Really Wild piece, from our softly tailored coats to our Liberty silk shirts, are versatile enough to be worn dressed up or down. I think many women are taking more joy in what they wear, selecting pieces that have been made from natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk, that are not only comfortable, but kinder to the environment.’

Natalie believes that mindful purchasing is vital. Thoughtful designs made from luxury fabrics, crafted into investment pieces that will stand the test of time.

Really Wild prides itself on a dedication to craftsmanship that is second to none

The slow fashion ethos also extends to the way in which customers buy online. ‘We have learnt a huge amount from going solely online during the lockdown periods. People have had the time to read and learn more about what they really want from the brands they buy from. To reach our customers we have had to engage with them, providing interesting, valuable content. We have also re-evaluated our own designs by creating garments more relevant to our customers and the way we find ourselves living with less formality.

Really Wild’s online offer also gives its customers the opportunity to find out more about the brand’s commitment to sustainability, from working closely with its factories and mills through to fabric sourcing, manufacture and delivery. Producing timeless, carefully crafted designs with limited runs also means there is little wastage in production.

‘We work with generations of highly skilled craftsmen and artisans, helping to protect and support techniques which reflect our glorious countryside traditions,’ says Natalie. ‘Being committed to thoughtfulness is key to our brand. In 2021 we aim to give our customers full transparency and will continue to build a brand that helps to create a positive impact on our beautiful planet.’

The Spring/Summer 2021 collection brings a well-needed dose of escapism, encapsulating the outdoor spirit that Really Wild is known for. An abundance of colour-infused floral prints united with unexpected textures are crafted in to modern, feminine silhouettes that exude laid back elegance for next season and beyond.