Roja Parfums is globally recognised as the most opulent fragrance house in the world and ranks as the most successful perfume brand in Harrods’ history. Available in over 180 of the world’s most prestigious stores, spanning 42 countries, Roja Parfums has been embraced by scent lovers internationally and has become a byword for British luxury.

The scent brand was launched in July 2011 by British master perfumer Roja Dove on the foundation of his belief that ‘only the best will do’. His experience, passion and creative flair are evident in all his creations and Roja is renowned for working with only the world’s finest quality ingredients, without compromise, regardless of the cost. It comes as no surprise that GQ refers to him as ‘the greatest nose in the world’, or that The New York Times considers him ‘a master tailor of scent’ and The Financial Times has deemed him a ‘legendary figure in the world of scent’.

‘I believe a perfumer is a poet or a storyteller who creates the tangible from the intangible abstract images that strike at our core,’ explains Roja. ‘We are painting pictures but we don’t use paint. We are telling stories but we don’t use words. Instead we allow raw materials to express our ideas and our vision, using the language of perfume.’

This belief runs through each sumptuous golden elixir. The scents of Roja Parfums are stylish, contemporary and made to last, recalling the opulence of the past while anticipating the expectations of the future.

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The concept for Roja Parfums is simple: to be the first ever to create a balanced palette of scents, allowing clients to discover their own perfect scent. The collection takes a bespoke approach, adapted for a commercial range, as an extension of Roja’s fundamental belief that there is the right perfume for everyone.

Each scent is made in England, blended by Roja’s own hand in a process that takes an average of six to 18 months to complete. Once bottled, a plaque bearing the Roja Parfums name is applied onto the flaçon by hand. An emblematic cap embellished with 14 Swarovski crystals is the final crowning glory on each perfume. Roja believes that scenting your home is as important as the scent on your skin, so this quality and attention to detail extends to the Roja Parfums Pour Maison range of candles and reed diffusers.

Rolls-Royce, Champagne Laurent-Perrier, The Victoria & Albert Museum and The Macallan whisky are just some of the world’s most prestigious brands that have called upon Roja’s imitable style. Such collaborations confirm Roja Parfums’ place at the forefront of artistic innovation in England.

The international success of Roja Parfums, combined with the creativity and relentless drive of its eponymous creator, led to Roja being appointed an ambassador for the GREAT Britain Campaign in 2013, a government campaign that celebrates and promotes the best of British craftsmanship and innovation.

Roja Parfums is a true testament to the beauty of British perfumery. They truly are the finest fragrances in the world.



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