Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Bespoke is Rolls-Royce

In 2020 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars took a bold step and announced a new brand identity, reflecting its ongoing journey from the creator of the ‘Best Car in the World’ to the world’s leading House of Luxury. In a time of extraordinary global upheaval, it was essential for Rolls-Royce to reflect the marque’s product portfolio and present the brand in a forward-facing, fresh and relevant way, speaking to new, younger and increasingly diversified audiences while respecting its loyal clients. Digitisation is paramount for every brand and Rolls-Royce recently revealed a new visual language to actively engage with existing and new clients.

‘As the marque’s digital presence increases, there has never been a more important time for the visual language of the company to reflect our standing as the leading luxury brand in the world,’ says Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the chief executive officer. To this end Rolls-Royce embraced Whispers, a platform and application, available to clients of all Goodwood-manufactured Rolls-Royce motor cars. Established in 2017, Whispers offers members transformative experiences, rare and desirable products, whimsical treasures and exclusive Rolls-Royce previews, curated by the marque’s Luxury Intelligence Unit. Rolls-Royce clients are also able to liaise with fellow Rolls-Royce patrons in a secure, global, digital community.

‘Unparalleled expertise in bespoke is what ultimately defines Rolls-Royce as the world’s leading House of Luxury’

During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Whispers became increasingly popular as the marque’s Luxury Intelligence Unit explored exceptional offerings that could be experienced in the safety of clients’ own homes. ‘Being confined to home during lockdown, our clients were seeking comfort in the natural world, creativity, health and wellness,’ says Verena Masters, head of Whispers. ‘We’ve witnessed Rolls-Royce clients turning to Whispers for solace and enlightenment during this period; it has been a time of reflection, a time to focus on well-being and planning for the future.’

Despite all the challenges posed by 2020, Rolls-Royce launched the new Ghost. While it is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce yet, its design reflects a philosophy of ‘post-opulence’, showing how perfectly in tune the marque is with the prevailing global mood and a desire to turn away from excess back to life’s essentials. The minimalism combined with the high complexity of the new Ghost ensures it is, in every aspect, a true Rolls-Royce. Born from in-depth dialogue with Rolls-Royce’s diverse and global customer base, it precisely meets the needs of those who desire a simpler Rolls-Royce that can be used for both business and leisure. Customer deliveries began in late 2020.

Every Rolls-Royce is brought to life at the Home of Rolls- Royce in Goodwood. The marque began production here 17 years ago, choosing Goodwood for its deep automotive roots and quintessentially English setting close to the South Downs in West Sussex. With British luxury at its heart, Rolls- Royce continues to draw on the talent and craftsmanship of associates from over 50 nationalities, enabling the marque to fulfil every wish of every client.

In 2020 bespoke personalisation was the brand’s main focus and will continue to be so throughout 2021. This unparalleled expertise in bespoke is what really defines Rolls-Royce as the world’s leading House of Luxury.