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Building the world’s best car

In 2020 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will embrace the same challenge it has since its inception in 1904: simply, to build the best car in the world. The marque’s proven ability to meet the very highest standards of engineering and manufacturing excellence and integrity, while delivering aesthetic perfection and superlative comfort, continues to delight its clients.


Rolls-Royce’s patrons are imaginative and idiosyncratic, and their exacting requests can test the mettle of the company’s pioneering Bespoke Collective to its limits. The company responds in the spirit of its founder, Henry Royce and his famous maxim, ‘Take the best that exists, and make it better’. In its quest to keep redefining what a motor car is capable of, Rolls-Royce continues to elevate its clients’ expectations. It then proceeds to meet and even surpass them, which
in turn raises the bar still higher.

The company responds in the spirit of its founder, Henry Royce’s famous maxim, ‘Take the best that exists, and make it better’


There is much to celebrate in 2020. There will be further investment in enhanced production facilities after 1 January, marking the 17th anniversary since production began
at Goodwood. Rolls-Royce chose Goodwood as its home for its deep automotive roots and quintessentially English setting in the heart of the South Downs National Park in West Sussex. 2020 will also see an increased focus on investment in Rolls-Royce’s future talent, following the recent announcement of a record number of places for the company’s Apprenticeship Programme.


Rolls-Royce will continue to build on the extraordinary success of Cullinan, its SUV launched in 2018. Cullinan perfectly demonstrates the company’s renowned ability to create new motor cars that respond to the changing needs and tastes of its customers, while remaining true to Rolls-Royce’s core values. There have been further additions to the marque, like the Wraith Eagle VIII Collection and Black Badge family, which have attracted new, younger and self-made individuals, as well as intriguing and exciting existing ones.

The marque now has a vast following via social media, which provides the perfect showcase for all the latest design and technical innovations from the Bespoke department, such as personalised versions of the Starlight Headliner. The original was created in 2006 for a client suffering from such sensitivity to light that he was only able read his newspaper by starlight. He requested a similar ambience in his Rolls-Royce and the Bespoke team duly obliged, fitting hundreds of hand-trimmed fibre-optic threads into the leather ceiling liner to give a subtle twinkling effect.

The Starlight Headliner is now extremely popular and patrons can request that their Headliner exactly matches how a constellation appears on any given day. Birthdays are a favourite choice along with shooting stars – aptly enough the stars that wishes are made upon.

Yet for all its increased popularity and recognition globally, a Rolls-Royce motor car remains exceptionally exclusive. Rolls-Royce’s focus is not that of mass-luxury brands, to focus on volume, but to create the best in the world. It is optimistic that it will continue to do just that throughout 2020 and beyond.