Salon64 by the 64 Group
Disrupting the beauty industry one innovation at a time

Salon64 is ostensibly a hair and beauty salon – but that’s where any similarity with other salons you know ends. Rocket-powered by its location at the heart of creative Soho, it is a space where you step off the street into an alternative reality; an inspiring social hub in which to recharge, have fun and hang out. Just as the most successful bricks-and-mortar retail concepts are those which go beyond static rails to create places where people want to be, so Salon64 invites you in to a universe that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Salon64 and Club64, its associated private members’ club, are the creation of the highly-acclaimed millennial stylist Ricky Walters – the name a reference to 1664 when opulent ‘salons’ were first held by French hostesses as they prepared for the evening ahead. Rewriting the rules of what a hair salon is, Walters has created a space that allows for sociability, privacy and even co-working. ‘No other hair salon has dedicated and designed a comfortable space where clients can do this without feeling self-conscious,’ said Walters at the launch.

His modern-day speakeasy concept offers styling and colour services by day and cocktails by night, with marble fire pits creating ambience throughout the 2,000 sq/ft, two-storey space. As a client you can meet your friends at the sociable coffee bar, charge your phone or send emails at a flip-down workstation, redo your make-up between meetings or retreat into the privacy of a secluded treatment vault. You can pop in in early evening for a blow-dry (with a cocktail) before going out on the town; or hire the space itself for a private party – with hairstylists, make-up artists, baristas and champagne galore. Its experienced in-house stylists, along with baristas and mixologists, are collectively known as ‘creatives’. It’s a destination that is, undeniably, there for its community.

'We have grown so much in such a short time. We are more than just a salon. We are the 64 community’

To encourage clients to feel comfortable in London once more, Salon64 was the first hair salon in London to open its own garden terrace in 2020 – Terrace64 – continuing to offer high-end services al fresco, while keeping clients safe. Going a step further, Ricky Walters is making his mark on the industry by transitioning the brand into ‘The 64 Group’, heralding the arrival of his own much-anticipated professional line of hair products.

‘We have grown so much in such a short time,’ he explains, ‘and we are more than just a salon. We are the 64 community. Whether you’re a client of the salon, a member of the club, or a soon-to-be user at home of our haircare line, you are part of the 64 community of creatives. The 64 community is rapidly expanding and a force to be reckoned with.’

Now going into its fourth year, The 64 Group has become not just a talking point across London, but also a respected destination for A-listers in search of the red-carpet treatment. With their upbeat approach, Salon64’s creatives remain rightly optimistic for the future as they continue to reinvent their sector, one idea at a time.