good night’s sleep doesn’t just help you get through the day ahead. A good night’s sleep is a fundamental necessity for good health and longevity; the latest findings prove that sleeping well throughout your life can help ward off age-related cognitive decline as well as improve general health. Not surprising given that we spend a third of our lives in bed. And so putting money into a good mattress is perhaps one of the most important investments we can make during our lives.

The difference a handmade, properly constructed bed can make to how you face the day ahead is remarkable. Knowing this, The Savoy Hotel decided in 1905 to create the perfect bed for its guests, and what is now called the No2 bed was born, a bed as famous as some of the legendary names who have slept in them.

Every Savoir bed contains the finest, chemical-free natural materials, from long, curled Latin American horsetail to Mongolian cashmere and British lamb’s wool, and each is designed to provide the perfect sleeping environment. The curled horsetail hair regulates body temperature to optimise the quality for your REM sleep, wicking away from the body the three-quarters of a pint of moisture each of us produces every night, and the hand-tied hourglass springs give the perfect support.

Each bed is custom made for that specific client, and each side can be made with different support levels – satisfying the inner Goldilocks of both partners. All this requires exceptional craftsmanship in which Savoir takes great pride and so can the client: like a work of art, each mattress, topper, box-spring and headboard is signed by the person who makes it.

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The fact that each Savoir bed is completely bespoke, and the fact that they are made on the bench as opposed to on a production line, allows Savoir to tailor its beds in other ways too. Savoir believes that a bed should not only be comfortable, it should look great too. Savoir’s creative director, Mandeep Dillon, designed the beautiful Amelia bed in 2016, and the company has worked with a roster of famous international designers to create other stunning models. In 2017 Savoir’s designer collaborations include Madeline Weinrib of the US, Arik Levy of France, Steve Leung from Hong Kong and
Teo Yang of South Korea.

Savoir gives clients more opportunity for making their own unique design than any other bed-maker in the world. This may include creating a custom fabric by working with specialists in bespoke textile, such as Insley & Nash, who created a very special, foiled fabric for Savoir, printed by hand. This was used to stunning effect on the bed that launched the new Chelsea Harbour showroom in September 2016, inspiring clients to commission their own fabrics from Insley & Nash to create their own personal designs.

Fabric is not the only variable. The sky is, literally, the limit. Savoir has made beds to fit into private aircraft, and even used an aircraft wing to create a headboard. Superyacht clients are waking up to the fact that they want to sleep as well at sea as they do at home, so demand for the tapered shapes so often required in this environment is increasing.

The Savoir team will visit boatyards around the world to make the necessary templates for the perfect fit. And of course they are happy to install globally as required. Savoir even enabled a client with a huge circular bed to rotate it at the touch of her iPod screen, so she could change her view from the beautiful fireplace to the stunning countryside seen through the picture windows of her home.

The journey with Savoir Beds starts in one of the company’s showrooms around the world. Savoir has just opened its second New York showroom, and is planning to open more in Europe, the US and Asia in 2017, making sure that, wherever you are in the world, when you sleep in a Savoir bed, there is simply no wrong side of the bed to get out of.

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