Simon Wright Jewellery can be hard to find – and that is entirely the point.

Tucked away down a small alleyway in Clerkenwell, this is no high street shop. Entering the studio reveals walls lined with cricket bats and craftsman’s tools on the bench. Simon Wright creates bespoke pieces that reflect the distinct personalities of their wearers. The team prides itself on ensuring each client walks away with a beautiful and one-off piece of jewellery plus a story that will last a lifetime. The experience of finding the studio and working with the designers and jewellers to bring an idea to life is the first chapter of the Simon Wright story.

Company founder and master artisan Simon Wright started with a passion for the arts, originally intending to study sculpture before being drawn to jewellery-making at university. He brings years of international experience to his work, and today the company reflects his original philosophy of providing high-end bespoke jewellery, while putting the client at the centre of the process.

The Simon Wright team is often asked to create pendants and earrings, in addition to the beautiful engagement rings it is renowned for. With every piece, the customer is closely involved in the design process, right from the first spark of an idea. The team sources the very best materials from all over the world, then marries finely honed, age-old handcrafting techniques with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and innovate technologies such as 3D printing. This approach ensures that people leave the studio with a piece that is as beautiful as they imagined, and, sometimes, even more so.

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In addition to creating bespoke jewellery, the Simon Wright team is often entrusted with bringing new life to heirloom pieces. By employing this combination of old and new techniques, it is able to maintain the integrity and original feel of a piece that might hold generations of memories. The importance of making memories is something the Simon Wright team believes is integral to the small part they play in its clients’ major life milestones, especially when it comes to engagements. It recognises that a proposal can be daunting, and has an elegant solution
for those who find themselves unsure about choosing a ring on their own. The Perfect Proposal™ allows hopeful romantics to propose with a carefully selected diamond in a beautiful package. Couples then come to the studio to co-create the perfect engagement ring, taking away a wonderful story at the same time.

The Perfect Proposal™ concept can also be extended to other jewellery, whether it is a pendant, earrings or an eternity ring. This is a charming option for future anniversary gifts and special occasions – perhaps the arrival of a first child, or maybe one day that child’s graduation.

For the Simon Wright team, that’s what it’s all about: the personal touch, long-lasting relationships and the seamless blend of old and new techniques that lead to the creation of a timeless piece of jewellery. A piece that will carry with it a story for generations to come.



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