Sims Hilditch

Sims Hilditch

Impeccable from-the-ground-up design creating timeless, long-lasting interiors

Over the past decade, Sims Hilditch has become synonymous with an English living aesthetic, inspired by the British countryside and imagined with a fresh eye.


The brand was launched by Emma Sims-Hilditch in 2009 to offer from-the-ground-up design, incorporating interior architecture, interior design and project management, to create homes that surpass all expectations.


‘Houses are no longer just places to live and sleep,’ says Emma. ‘High on the list of priorities are calm and relaxing family spaces where clients can enjoy quality time away from their hectic lives. Many more of our clients are now working from home too. We recently completely redesigned the home of a British family relocating from Connecticut to include the refurbishment of various outbuildings to incorporate a fully functioning home office, a party barn with a dance floor and a pool house.’


The brand takes seriously the impact on the environment, which is reflected in Sims Hilditch’s fundamental spirit – creating enduring and classic interiors. The team also believes that beauty creates sustainability, exemplified by many of the venerable buildings and artworks across the world and, indeed, in Britain. ‘Much of our time is spent working on historic buildings, some of which have been in the same family for generations,’ says Emma. ‘Collaborating with some of the most eminent British architects of our time to create new country houses and estates is an enormous privilege. We hope these newly built historic houses of the future will still be standing in 500 years, continuing the tradition of great British design as well as embracing sustainability.’

Sims Hilditch is very much focused on environmental impact, which sits well with its core ethos of creating timeless, long-lasting interiors

Sims Hilditch

Sims Hilditch practices what it preaches too. Its Wiltshire design studio is a series of listed farm buildings that the brand spent two years converting, recently planting an apple orchard, wildflower meadow and vegetable garden. From lighting and flooring to furniture, fabrics and accessories, the studio is the perfect showcase for Sims Hilditch’s style.


At the heart of it all, of course, are the brand’s clients, many of whom have become lifelong friends. Says Emma, ‘We are part of our clients’ lives for months – sometimes years – during a building project so it’s very important to ensure we all get along. As a result of building trusting relationships, our work quite often leads to multiple projects for the same family: we are currently working on the fourth property for one client who has recently relocated from Hong Kong and is building a shooting estate in the Scottish Highlands as well as refurbishing a family house in London.’


Today, Sims Hilditch is focusing on its environmental impact more than ever. Fortunately, this fits well into the core design ethos of creating timeless, long-lasting interiors. The team are particularly concentrating on educating themselves within the practice in order that they are able to assist clients in understanding the importance and benefits of sustainability in design. This topic is especially significant to the team in 2020 as the impact of human development becomes ever more visible.