Sutton and Tawney is a new, British-made and manufactured womenswear and homeware brand, established in the British countryside and launched in September 2018. With a particular focus on design and quality, hands-on founder Lovisa Pelosi oversees every stage of the manufacturing process herself. Despite her unusual name, Lovisa grew up in the English countryside, honing her interest in design from an early age, and Sutton and Tawney’s brand name combines the name of Lovisa’s family home, Sutton Manor, with the area in which it is located, Stapleford Tawney. 

Lovisa’s interest in British manufacturing and design intensified after completing a degree in Fashion Marketing when she noticed a gap in the market in terms of finding well-made and sustainable products that are traceably British. After initially focusing on alpaca fleeces and fabrics, it became apparent that the quality and variety of British lifestyle brands were falling well under the radar. This led Lovisa to develop Sutton and Tawney to her own personal taste and aesthetic.

After a year of intense product development and market research, it was time to launch Sutton and Tawney upon the world.

The debut A/W’18 range includes candles and diffusers scented with essential oils in a choice of four classic scents, including Bergamot and Orange & Cinnamon, a staple leather ‘Sutton’ bag, Donegal merino and Hebridean Tawney wool throws and a range of cashmere loungewear, made from the softest Scottish cashmere yarn and with each item proudly named after past women of Sutton Manor. The Sutton and Tawney brand is now constantly in development, with new ideas being implemented as well as new manufacturers researched to expand on the range of British products.

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The Sutton and Tawney ethos is quintessentially British, combined with an undeniable sense of indulgence.

The premiere collection is created entirely using local resources and producers in order to add to the growing British-made community. Seasonal products are made in limited runs and use individual artisans where possible – Sutton and Tawney honey is harvested from the multiple hives located within the Sutton Manor grounds. With these values in place, Sutton and Tawney is on track to become a household favourite for lovers of quality and design with a commitment to buying British.

One of the main driving forces of the brand is to engage honestly and openly with the customer and share the history and development of each product. Each stage of production is listed on a map of Britain on the brand’s website to show exactly where everything is made. Sutton and Tawney aims to be the front-runner in showing that you can be a luxury brand and still be transparent regarding provenance and your supply chain. To Sutton and Tawney, being British means not only exuding the air and aesthetic associated with British heritage, but developing each product from start to finish locally, within Britain.

The Sutton and Tawney mantra is simple – a dedication to bringing customers ‘Beautifully British’ products which are designed and manufactured with great distinction.

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