In an era when gin distilleries appear to be popping up in every archway from Hammersmith to Hackney, there’s something reassuring about exploring a brand whose perfectly-balanced taste has been pleasing customers for almost 200 years.

Tanqueray has always made a virtue out of executing everything it does faultlessly – from the crafting of botanicals and product design to setting up convivial summer terraces, where stylish Tanqueray cocktails are served to an enthusiastic audience of gin aficionados.

No stranger to innovation, Tanqueray is now riding the current wave of interest in the gin category, with the introduction of evocative new flavours set to charm customers traditional and new.

The Tanqueray story can be traced back to 1830, when Charles Tanqueray went to work in the Vine Street Distillery in Bloomsbury, together with his brother, Edward. Refusing to accept the status quo, Charles spent years testing botanicals brought back from around the world, bravely mixing them in his own distinct style. After extensive trialling over the course of six years, his pursuit of perfection finally paid off. The result was Tanqueray London Dry: a gin based on achieving a perfect balance between the four key botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice. It has been winning awards ever since.

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After the original Tanqueray London Dry – many people’s first choice for the perfect G&T – came the introduction of Tanqueray No. TEN – a small-batch gin distilled with whole fresh citrus fruits and chamomile. It was particularly well-received by the top mixologists as a drink they could position as the insider’s choice – a best-kept secret that only true connoisseurs would pour into their cocktails.

In 2018, in response to growing demand, the brand added two more new gins to its portfolio, pushing botanical boundaries in a way that would have delighted Charles Tanqueray. The development of Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, with the uniquely bittersweet taste of Seville oranges, and Limited Edition Tanqueray Lovage, with its savoury, earthy, herbaceous heart, drew inspiration from Charles Tanqueray’s own notebooks from the 1830s. Both are ground-breaking new flavours for the industry.

The brand also announced the expansion of its distribution into new markets – it has historically been most popular in the US and southern Europe – and unveiled a new look for Tanqueray Rangpur. This variant, inspired by the British-Indian tradition, is based on the distinct zestiness of the rare Rangpur lime and the exotic juiciness of mandarin orange.

With the new flavours adding interest to its portfolio and offering fresh opportunities for the world’s most creative bartenders, Tanqueray is successfully taking on the newcomers to the gin trade.

It seems that its rigorous quest for taste and perfection established all those years ago is keeping this giant of gins firmly in the mix.


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