TF Workshop #8
Jewellery & Watches

Theo Fennell

Crafting originally eclectic jewellery and silverware since 1982

Theo Fennell has been synonymous with designing and creating original, show-stopping jewellery for nearly 40 years. Classic and much-loved pieces include keys, opening rings and creatures.


Founded by the eponymous silverware and jewellery designer in 1982, the brand began life in a modest shop with a studio and workshop on London’s Fulham Road. It has since matured into a purpose-built show-gallery close to the original premises, though crucially, it still has its own workshops.


It’s these workshops that are key to the brand’s continued success, particularly now that an increasing number of customers from all backgrounds are asking for bespoke or customised pieces.


‘I think this is part of the move away from the mass production of global brands to the more sympathetic and original work that we do in our workshops here,’ says Theo. ‘Having the studio and workshop above the gallery allows customers to watch their piece evolving, from the first sketches right up to the finished item.’


At Theo Fennell, it’s not just about creating beautiful pieces from scratch. If a customer has inherited or been given a piece that is exquisite but not to their taste, upcycling can be the solution. ‘Redesigning pieces with sentimental meaning so that they can be worn again is something we have done for decades, preserving the most emotionally charged elements in the final design.’


Theo Fennell is a founder member of The Leopards, a group of British designers and jewellery trade illuminati. The Leopards was set up to celebrate British jewellery.

Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell is justifiably proud of what it calls its ‘loyal family of customers’, among them an increasing number of younger clients buying from the brand’s collections and limited editions. ‘I think we have an eclecticism and reference base that is quintessentially British but, like the best of this country’s design, we draw on influences from all over the world,’ he says ‘Our clientele has more of an idiosyncratic character than a national one and tends to be made up of creative people and those more interested in unique design and quality.’


Theo Fennell is a founder member of The Leopards, a group of British designers and jewellery trade illuminati. The Leopards was set up to celebrate British jewellery and silver innovation, expertise and design excellence while promoting and nurturing new talent. ‘We are envied all over the world but hardly celebrated here,’ says Theo, ‘so The Leopards is about banging the gong for our fabulous and vibrant trade in Britain.’


The brand will also be expanding the work it does with Gilded Youth, which helps mentor and encourage students in the jewellery trade. As well as overseeing initiatives and giving prizes, Theo Fennell invites a small number of students to exhibit their work in its showroom every year to ‘give them some sort of start and exposure.’


Theo Fennell acknowledges there are obvious challenges facing every company at the moment, but believes that when things are shaky, people look for reassurance. ‘Rather than looking for instant gratification, they gravitate to things that are really well made, original and talismanic.’