It was 1829 when Joseph Tricker founded his shoe company – the same year Robert Peel established London’s first uniformed police force, Abraham Lincoln gave his first political speech and Louis Braille invented a system of finger-reading for the blind.

Queen Victoria’s ascent to the throne was still eight years away. Tricker saw the birth of the modern world, a time of great enlightenment, learning and social reform. This was the world in which the first retail orders for Tricker’s shoes were secured. Five generations later, Tricker’s is still a family-owned business. All its footwear is made from start to finish at its Northampton shoe factory and HRH the Prince of Wales awarded the company a Royal Warrant in 1989. From the outset, Tricker’s established a reputation for outstanding manufacturing quality and durability. The firm quickly became the maker of choice for farmers, estate owners and the landed gentry, who swore by the comfort, strength and practicality of its heavy, waterproof footwear. It’s no accident that Sir Edmund Hillary and his team chose Tricker’s for a Himalayan expedition in 1961 – the shoes and boots were virtually indestructible.

Tricker’s current factory in Northampton opened its doors in 1904 and has been the base for manufacturing ever since. (It was also used to film scenes from Kinky Boots, which tells the story of a family-owned shoemaking business.)

Traditional production processes may have changed over time, but Tricker’s commitment to quality and uncompromising standards has remained the same. Its 90 skilled craftspeople can perform specialist work which many other welted manufacturers cannot. A Bourton brogue or a Stow boot, for example, involves 260 individual processes and takes eight weeks to manufacture. There is no less attention to detail when it comes to buying your Tricker’s. The company has been resident on Jermyn Street since 1925, and offers the kind of experience where they recognise you when you walk in at its current premises at number 67.

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A fully bespoke, made-to-measure service is available, alongside made-to-order and ready-made. They’ll also restore your favourite shoes – you never forget your first pair of Tricker’s. The shoes are available in 43 countries including Italy, China and the US, with Japan accounting for 30 per cent of its export business. It also produces co-branded footwear for Margaret Howell, Paul Smith (for Japan) and Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons.

Describing the typical Tricker’s customer as ‘self-assured, confident, non-conformist and independent in thought and manner’, the company has a starry following that includes Dominic West, Daniel Craig, Orlando Bloom and Michael Fassbender.

Passionate about securing the future of England’s master shoemakers, current MD Martin Mason has invested in training to develop skilled craftspeople. He has also introduced more apprenticeships, including the brand’s first female master shoemaker apprentice. Mason has also secured exclusive use of an innovative product called Olivvia leather, which uses olive leaves in the tanning process. The new, ultra-light collection of half-lined shoes and boots, designed to be worn in warmer climes, is the result – ensuring that the Tricker’s name will remain at the forefront of luxury shoemaking for many years to come.

TRICKER’S  67 JERMYN STREET, LONDON, SW1Y 6NY  +44 (0)20 7930 6395


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