At Tusting, luxury is not about opulence, excess or great expense. It’s about leather bags made from beautiful, full-grain, unadulterated leather; about the artisanal craftsmanship invested in every stitch to provide the finest bags with personality; about quality, integrity and service.

The Tusting story begins in 1875 when the great-great-grandfather of the current directors, brothers Alistair and William Tusting, founded a tannery to supply premium leathers to England’s new shoe factories. A little over a century later, in the 1980s, the skills passed down through the generations helped the company to survive a recession that closed the majority of British tanneries. Having already started sourcing and trading leathers from all over the world, the family sought to diversify further. Combining Tusting’s widely respected knowledge of leather with Britain’s global reputation for top-notch saddlery and shoemaking, not to mention access to a rich local supply of leatherworking expertise, the company began to produce premium leather luggage in its own name, all manufactured in the family’s workshop at Lavendon, near Northampton.

Of course, the world is full of upscale leather bags, so it’s important to understand what is different about Tusting. Not only are its bags genuinely made in Britain, but only the best leather is allowed to bear the Tusting name – skins which will age beautifully and gain a rich patina over the years. Mention ‘corrected’ or plastic-coated leather, which you’ll find in even the smartest designer stores, and the team at Tusting shudders.

These are bags made to last a lifetime. Something else that sets this company apart is that, rather than relying on masses of glossy marketing, it has built its brand on the integrity of the product. Customers vary from young adults making their first serious bag purchase right through to an older generation that has discovered that buying quality is always better than quantity. And those customers are often quintessentially British themselves (former Dr Who, Matt Smith, and members of the royal family are past customers).

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Tusting also has a keen following in countries where British style is highly valued. The company understands how important it is to innovate. For example, it recently introduced a specialised service whereby customers can emboss a hand-written note into the bag’s leather as the ultimate in personalisation.

Tusting is considered to be one of the country’s finest manufacturers of leather goods. It enjoys long-standing partnerships with Aston Martin and Church’s shoes, and was selected by Marks and Spencer for its global ‘Best of British’ project, which saw the company collaborate with Britain’s finest clothing and accessories manufacturers.

Tusting likes to say that its customers get so much more for their money – more quality in materials and manufacture, longer lasting designs, better provenance and, above all, greater commitment during their ownership, however many decades that may be. This all adds up to more happiness. And Tusting loves making people happy.



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