For Tusting, being British is the whole story: it is not just a British brand, but a British manufacturer- brand which has always been wholly on-shored. It continues to design, make and distribute every piece from its factory near Northampton and customers value its accessibility and the ability to return directly to the maker for assistance.

Tusting is in the business of heritage, creating a favourite handbag or trusted briefcase that becomes part of its owner’s story, everyday essentials that stay by our sides, whatever life throws at us. Tusting was born from a technological innovation – the development of the sewing machine, which had begun to transform the shoe-making industry in the 1870s, meant that tough pieces of leather no longer had to be sewn together manually and that shoemakers were free to explore ambitious new designs. The demand for shoes sky-rocketed and, with it, the need for high-quality leathers. Enter Charles Pettit, a young labourer with an entrepreneurial spirit. He saw the opportunity, founded a tannery and, without realising it, a British leather dynasty when his only daughter married a local merchant named John Tusting.

The bags are true investment pieces, to be cherished and passed down for generations to come.

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The family business saw off many a setback to not only survive a sale and recession but to diversify beyond making and trading leather into manufacturing premium leather goods. Today, with two of Charles Pettit’s great-great-grandsons at the helm, Tusting is a global name within luxury leather goods. Its busy Lavendon workshop lies just a couple of miles from the original tannery and its employees continue to number leather experts whose families have worked there for as long as they can remember. Far from resting on its laurels, the brand continues to evolve, with development plans afoot in China, building on the successful presence of its standalone store and appetite for its products in that territory. It will also be expanding its exposure in the UK and USA both in terms of on-the-ground retail and a new digital strategy.

Tusting’s bags and their individual stories represent true investment pieces to be passed down for generations to come.

Tusting will additionally continue to explore new collaborations with like-minded British brands such as the recently launched range of luxury travel bags developed with Gleneagles Hotel. Tusting’s bags and luggage are known to
be extremely robust and are expected to see some decent adventures. However, one account is perhaps a little more extreme than necessarily recommended! They were asked to do some general wear-and-tear repairs on a canvas Explorer bag owned by a British Army officer. He sent it in with this note: ‘This bag has been around the world with me over the past nine years and has carried my kit in Iran and Afghanistan on operational tours. In Canada, on an army exercise, it survived unscathed after a fall from a helicopter when an underslung pallet came loose. I would be very sorry if the bag had to be replaced.’

The bags are true investment pieces, to be cherished and passed down for generations to come, much as Tusting has safeguarded its treasured family brand and sterling reputation across the years and continues to do so into the future.



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