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Makers of high-quality British leather bags and suitcases since 1875

Tusting is one of Britain’s best-kept secrets when it comes to makers of luxury leather goods. Based at the company’s factory in the heart of the English countryside near Northampton, many of Tusting’s team of artisans are second- or third-generation employees, who owe their knowledge of leather-working to the company’s deep reserves of skill and tradition. The business is run by members of the Tusting family, who are just as passionate about premium leather goods as their ancestors were about their leather.


In 2019, Tusting launched its Century collection, which takes its inspiration from a pivotal figure in the company’s history, Jack Tusting. Jack had grown up in the family business, which he planned to join properly when he came of age. However, the outbreak of the First World War changed Jack’s path. Aged 17, he enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps, spending much of his time in Egypt.


When Jack returned to Britain in 1919, he found that things had changed. In his absence, his beloved grandfather had died, but Jack was shocked to learn that his step- grandmother had sold the family business, leaving nothing behind. If there’s anything that can be said about the courageous young Jack Tusting, it’s this: he was no quitter. All his life he had dreamed of running a leather business and, not to be defeated, set about founding a new, state-of- the-art tannery, thereby firmly re-establishing the Tusting family reputation and burnishing it more brightly.

Tusting will be celebrating the 30 years that have passed since it started making leather goods after well over a century of leather tanning and trading


The Century collection combines Jack’s aviation past with his passion for leather. Each bag is named after a WWI airfield, with aviation cues prevalent throughout the designs. Pockets and bag flaps on the collection’s backpacks and small shoulder bag recall the shape of a bi-plane wing, while the corner details of the city-focused holdall and suitcase are evocative of a tail fin. A piped-leather trim finishes the bags off, while an innovative, fully biodegradable lining in Air Force blue recalls Jack’s roots and heroics.


In 2020, Tusting will be celebrating the 30 years that have passed since it started making leather goods after well over a century of leather tanning and trading. Every one of its bags since then has been made in its workshop near Northampton, and they’ll continue to be. Tusting considers that manufacturing in Britain is the gold standard for British brands – it’s something it holds dear and of which the family is very proud.

‘Growth outside of Britain is our main focus for 2020,’ says Gillian Tusting. ‘We already have strong markets in the USA, China and Japan, and we’ll be putting increased energy into growing these. This is where we find the optimism is – in marked contrast to Britain and Europe – and, as ever, there is a greater appreciation for British-made products here than in the home market.’

‘Flexibility and agility will be the biggest requirements in 2020,’ says Alistair Tusting. ‘Happily, these are attributes we already have, so we just need to be on our game.’