Leather goods with soul, designed and created in Britain from hide to hand

Leather experts for over 140 years, Tusting designs and crafts its leather goods to the highest standard, stitching the rich history of the British leather industry into its ‘modern classics’ vision. They create bags and accessories that perform faithfully and which are naturally sustainable, through their durability and materials. Tusting is favoured by selective connoisseurs in-the-know, who trust substance and pedigree over glitz and bling.

Few luxury leather brands actually make their own bags – most source from third parties in Asia or the Middle East, or from contracted UK factories. But Tusting designs and manufactures from start to finish in its own factory near Olney, Buckinghamshire. Knowledge and pride are invested in every step, from choosing the hide to the final polish.

A year ago, Alistair Tusting, from the fifth-generation at the helm of this family business, stated: ‘Flexibility and agility will be the biggest requirements in 2020.’ With hindsight, this now seems not just thoughtful foresight but remarkable prophesy. He could not have been more accurate: agility has allowed the Tusting brand to flourish in pandemic-induced chaos. With greater value being placed on authenticity and quality, customers worldwide have trusted in Tusting and been rewarded by its unwavering commitment to exemplary, personal service and its can-do attitude.

Customers worldwide have trusted in Tusting and been rewarded by its unwavering commitment to exemplary, personal service and its can-do attitude

When lockdown caused a shortage crisis in PPE supply, Tusting answered the call to arms. With family members and staff volunteers working together, they enabled legions of domestic sewing specialists to work at optimum efficiency by cutting out thousands of sets of NHS gowns and scrubs, and even acquired new cutting equipment to speed the process. Now that a new normal is firmly in place, the factory is running as flat out as distanced staffing allows, while office staff work from home in rotation to reduce pressure on the staff facilities. Customers, however, would never even realise these changes have taken place behind the scenes; there has been no pause or reduction in service level at any point.

Nor does Tusting fear Brexit. With generations of experience in global trade, and an international audience who appreciate the best-of-British excellence in its products and service, Tusting foresees little Brexit interruption to business. Take it on trust that its well-practised agility will continue to be thoroughly exercised until yet another new normal is established.

2021 will also see Tusting develop more exciting new collaborations with like-minded British brands. This is valuable to both brands and consumers, who benefit alike from mutual introductions and the fruits of synergistic design. Expect too, a series of new enhancements to the Tusting core ranges, which are in the offing alongside continued seasonal colour and style updates.

Alistair Tusting is positive: ‘The horrors of 2020 at least let us all shed a few paradigms in the way we work. There is now tangible, rising optimism in 2021 and we will bring that to fruition in everything we do for our customers.’ Once you discover Tusting, you’ll know you’ve found a friend for life in this master of understated luxury.