A chance conversation on a beach some 30 years ago led to the establishment of Yiangou Architects, the award-winning practice based in the Cotswolds which is responsible for two of the largest neo-classical houses to be built in the south-west of England since the war.

Since this typically quirky start, the architectural practice has grown substantially, and now has between 30 to 40 staff based in Cirencester. In fact, it is now considered to be the go-to firm within the area and its geographical coverage has grown to include most of the country, from the Scottish Highlands to the far south-west.

Known for its great sensitivity to the Cotswolds’ architectural vernacular and, increasingly, for the ability to tackle large-scale, complex projects, including master-planning and intricate and extensive restoration work, the company has thrived since Peter Yiangou founded it three decades ago.

Yiangou Architects’ philosophy is to strive for excellence within all aspects of its practice. It is very unusual in that
it does not believe in identifying with either of the historical or contemporary polarities within the profession: its architects will design and execute buildings to the highest standard, be they contemporary, traditional or a high-quality restoration.

The dedicated staff, backed up by an excellent support team, are passionate about what they do and the firm prides itself most of all on its great rapport with clients and builders alike.

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Given all this, it is not surprising in the least that the projects Yiangou takes on are fast becoming more prestigious in terms of context and scale and are increasingly included for publication in glossy interiors and architectural magazines. Yiangou is often called on for professional comment and its advice is sought out by property agents throughout the country.

The practice embraces eclecticism but not at the cost of quality or commitment. Typically, the projects on the company’s drawing board at any one time will vary from ultra-modernist, contemporary interventions – sometimes within sensitive historic settings – to master-planning of small towns, and extensions on large country estates.

New house projects range from the fairly modest to country houses on an epic scale. As testament to the practice’s excellence, it has won several awards, including the Georgian Group ‘Best New Building in the Classical Tradition’ prize, for commitment to conceptual excellence and detail, and RIBA awards for some of its swimming pool buildings. Nor are they limited to just architectural design, the practice also offers an interior design service.

Yiangou Architects is a friendly company – both to work for and to work with. There are no great egos to massage here, and energy is instead poured into producing some of the most beautiful, useable and covetable houses in the country.

Clients include well-known captains of industry, heads of banks, people within the entertainment industry, aristocrats and members of European royal families who all applaud Yiangou for its sensitivity, commitment to location and context, and the great usability of its houses. The homes the practice creates are beautiful to admire and to live in – the perfect marriage of form and function.



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