Youth & Earth
The secret of a long, energetic and vital life

Youth & Earth was started by British entrepreneur Ed van Harmelen in July 2019 and has grown at an astonishing rate ever since, now stocked in major stores like Planet Organic and John Bell & Croyden. Ed had been interested in fitness, nutrition and science since he was very young. He had lived in nine countries and travelled extensively in a further 85, becoming fascinated by traditional approaches to ageing. He started learning and researching a wide range of remedies from Ayurveda to traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. He became focused on ‘bio-hacking’ or what Ed describes as ‘at-home biology’. ‘If you start tweaking your lifestyle according to science it’s amazing how much those small, incremental changes can really boost your body’s performance,’ he explains.

Ed’s research and experience over the years culminated in Youth & Earth’s natural, plant-based anti-ageing supplements, which combine cutting- edge scientific know-how with age-old wisdom to slow down ageing at a cellular level. The brand is now the largest supplier of NAD+ boosters – like NMN & NR – in Britain and Europe. ‘NAD+ is an especially important molecule that exists in every living cell on the planet,’ explains Ed, so by the time you’re 50, you might have half the NAD+ you had as a 20-year-old. Our supplements top up those depleted molecules and make our bodies operate and feel like well-oiled machines again. Science has progressed so much in recent years that maintaining our peak physical health is more achievable than ever and allows us all to live younger for longer.’

Youth & Earth’s products are aligned to combat the nine, interconnected ‘Hallmarks of Ageing’. Some Hallmarks have been given dramatic names like Mitochondria Dysfunction or Zombie Cells and, broadly, they are events or factors that cause our organs to function less efficiently and our systems to deteriorate.

‘If people want to look at ageing as a disease of some sort, then we have the cure,’ says Ed. ‘The science – and art – of anti- ageing is a lot like playing a piano. To create a truly beautiful melody, you wouldn’t play in just one key. You’d include a wide range of notes. In the same way, when altering your lifestyle to target ageing and creating an anti-ageing regime, it’s important to target lots of different areas at once so you’re fighting more than just one Hallmark of Ageing at a time.’

Another important aim for Youth & Earth is to leave the planet a better place, so the brand has committed never to use plastic and always to use recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. To this end, all its products are plant-based and natural. ‘Life is about the adventures you have,’ concludes Ed. It’s a phrase that has become the brand’s mantra. Ed is confident that Youth & Earth’s supplements will help our bodies and minds obtain optimum efficiency to enjoy the second half of our lives as much, if not more, than the first.