2018 was a year of innovation, development, collaboration and creative boundary breaking for global couturier to the stars, Zaeem Jamal.

Spring saw the launch of the ‘Emergence’ collection, featuring a blaze of colour, bold cuts, free flowing hand dyed silks and subtle embroidery embellishments featuring exquisite fine art butterflies and flowers.
The collection sparked the idea of developing a platform to support emerging global talent, wherever it can be found, and out of that seed the ‘Reach for the Stars’ campaign was born.

This organically led to a joint venture with The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, supporting its ‘Stars of the Future’, as well as laying the foundations for workshops and master-classes at the Royal Opera House. During this collaboration, Zaeem Jamal formed a strong relationship with virtuoso violinist and champion of musical arts and education, Nicola Benedetti, who features in the brand’s Winter 2018 advertising campaign.

Summer was an overture of organza, feather, beading and crystal embellishment as the brand pushed its creative and technical boundaries, evolving demanding pieces of ‘working couture’ for red carpet events and award ceremonies, at which couture became an integral part of the performance for some of the world’s most talented artistes.

Zaeem Jamal works with dancers to establish new ways of making fabric move, flow and fall, and in 2018 it reached deeper into freeing fabric, developing feel and innovating new techniques to meet the evolving needs of its diverse clients.

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Autumn 2018 saw the renovation of the London flagship store on King’s Road and the appointment of an excellent team dedicated to bringing the in-store shopping experience to a new level of excellence, engagement and elegance. It also heralded the filming of the Winter 2018 advertising campaign with Nicola Benedetti. The campaign comprised a piece from the Cosmic collection that Nicola chose herself, a priceless Stradivarius violin, a crescent moon, the world’s best ‘fly’ man, three wolves, two owls, Markie and a legendary production team! The results of this endeavour can be seen in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Town and Country and various in-house publications for the Royal Opera House and Glyndebourne.

Winter brought a glorious collaboration with Glyndebourne, as Zaeem Jamal helped the opera house to celebrate 50 years touring in Britain. The Zaeem Jamal brand has a prolific partnership with Glyndebourne, finding a deep sense of quintessentially British qualities deep within both brands’ DNA. ‘To us, a strong part of being a great British brand is a sense of tradition, adventure, daring, evolution, education, responsibility and integrity,’ says Zaeem, ‘and we find those core values mirrored in Glyndebourne.

‘Our clients value our honesty, sense of duty and purpose, creativity, integrity and dedication and we share with them a core belief in freedom of expression, opportunity and education,’ says Zaeem.

These things have been the thrusting blocks that make Zaeem Jamal proud to be a truly Great British Brand and help it to keep ‘Reaching for the Stars’.

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