Art is at the centre of everything Zoffany does.

The product offer comprises wallpapers, printed and woven fabrics, embroideries, paint, trimmings, rugs, a range of upholstery and lighting but Zoffany’s artistic nucleus is the dedicated studio of young dynamic designers, all with complementary artistic skills. As part of the creative design process, each yarn, brush stroke and technique is meticulously considered and developed by hand. The design team prides itself on knowing the provenance of every design created, overseeing each one’s development from the spark of an idea to the final product. Most of Zoffany’s wallpapers and prints are made in Britain, within its group of sister factories.

It has forged strong partnerships with a curated portfolio of international mills to create its weaves and embroideries, choosing countries for their particular expertise and skill – silks from Italy and France, embroideries and sophisticated contemporary weaves from India.

Zoffany constantly works with the mills to develop new techniques so that all its products are unique to the brand. In its ongoing search for excellence and to achieve its particular handwriting, Zoffany seeks out new talent and collaborates with fine artists, muralists and other specialists. The company has curated a dramatic palette of pure colours known as The Alchemy of Colour, which transcends all its product categories.

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This was born out of Zoffany’s Alchemists’ Studio, which was set up to distil colour back to its original essence and delve into its transformative powers. Extracting natural plant dyes and crushing minerals to create original pigments (which emanate the jewel-like colours found in silk documents within the archive), they compose an extraordinary diversity of rich, complex colours that they can experiment with across their yarns. In 2018 a major focus for the brand will be the introduction of these new colours to the paint range. Renowned for its ultra-matte finish, exceptional coverage and depth of colour, Zoffany paint envelops a room in a theatrical and artistic atmosphere. ‘These pure colours were first introduced through our wallcoverings and fabrics but this is the first time we have transformed them into paint colours,’ says Peter Gomez, Head of the Zoffany Studio.

‘The development of the paints required meticulously blending tones to create authentic shades of new neutrals, earthy greens and highlight colours. The rich, dark and more opulent tones that you are seeing are very much about how we see colour being used in contemporary interiors at the moment. People are definitely getting braver with colour and richer, deeper ones are in vogue, which is really exciting.’

Zoffany’s highlight colours, Tiger’s Eye, Lazuli, Poison and Koi Carp, are just four of a range of shades that can add drama to any interior, offset by their subtler, muted colours like Half Smoked Pear, Hessian Green and Taylor’s Grey. As Style Library’s prestige brand, Zoffany is accessible through a global network of interior design companies and specialist shops. The state-of-the-art Style Library flagship showroom is in London’s Design Centre Chelsea Harbour and showrooms can also be found in Paris, New York and Dubai.



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