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Kelly Hoppen and apaiser: Zen bathware at its best

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Kelly Hoppen and apaiser: Zen bathware at its best


Kelly Hoppen and apaiser‘s Japanese-inspired collaboration is the new bathware range that we cannot wait to invest in

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Combined, Kelly Hoppen and apaiser have over 50 years’ experience in the interiors industry. Both have a penchant for an aesthetic that is as modern as it is luxurious, and the product of this marriage from heaven is bathware that every dowdy, clunky bathroom has been dreaming of since the beginning of time.

Each party has brought their different strengths to the table (or should we say bathtub), combined expertly to deliver a collection that is greater maybe even than the sum of its parts. Both stick to their usual clean lines and neutral palette – colours available are in muted tones of polar white, linen, taupe and charcoal and shapes are egg smooth and paper crisp.

Kelly’s signature East-meets-West influence is evident in the collection’s three core themes – Harmony, which evokes the elegance and simplicity of a lotus flower; Origami, representing the precision of the Japanese art form; and Bande, relating to the traditional Obi belt of Japanese dress. This Japanese-inspired design paired with the use of apaiser’s cool, smooth recycled marble, mean that the range is the ultimate lesson in Zen.



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