6 Of The Best History Podcasts To Listen to Right Now

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From true crime history to counter-intuitive narratives

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Podcasts have become the new form of escapism, and what better way to escape from the present than with intriguing tales about the past? Whether you’re a history buff or just interested in hearing about the people and events that have shaped the world we live in today, there are plenty to choose from. With tales of real-life crime to stories of the most prominent female figures in history, here are the six best history podcasts.

Best History Podcasts To Listen to Right Now

You’re Dead to Me

Billed as a podcast ‘for people who don’t like history’, Greg Jenner (one of the brains behind the infamous Horrible Histories) adds delicious fun to overlooked but fascinating periods that will pique your curiosity. Each podcast brings on a comedian and an expert, covering all sorts of topics, from the history of fairy tales (you won’t see The Little Mermaid in the same way), to how Victorians celebrated Christmas. bbcsounds.com

Dan Snow’s History Hit

This is one of the UK’s most successful history podcasts that features reports from all around the world. Host Dan Snow travels all over the country to bring listeners cutting-edge history discussions from the best experts and key witnesses. With almost a million listens each month, Snow explores the history behind past events and today’s top headlines. A history fanatic’s dream podcast that will keep you hooked on every word. historyhit.com

Revisionist History

The New Yorker journalist and writer Malcom Gladwell hosts this extremely interesting podcast, re-examining overlooked moments from the past. Shining a light on the counter-intuitive narrative of historical events, listeners are left questioning whether we got the story right the first time, because sometimes the past deserves a second chance. From episodes debating why basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain chose a worse free throw form to how biologist Howard Temin doubted science’s understanding of viruses, Gladwell tackles a wide range of social injustices. revisionisthistory.com


Lore is a bi-weekly podcast, television show and book based on dark and historical true crime stories. The critically acclaimed podcast won ‘Best History Podcast’ in 2016 with over 285 million listens, and it’s easy to see why. Host Aaron Mahnke explores the tragic events, strange creatures and bizarre stories from the past, told in a modern haunting experience. This is a podcast that isn’t for the faint-hearted with the truth being more frightening than fiction. lorepodcast.com

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Veteran journalist Dan Carlin brings his unconventional approach and out-of-the-box thinking and applies it in his podcast ‘Hardcore History’. Carlin questions some of the most crucial moments in history, engaging the audience by narrating in a dramatic tone with a sharp twist throughout. Majority of episodes run for approximately five hours long yet still keeps listeners on edge focusing on historical leaders, wars, nuclear proliferation and so on. dancarlin.com

Art History at Bedtime

Calling all art lovers: this is a short podcast in support of UK charity Art History Link Up, based on original art historical texts and narrated by art historian and broadcaster Dr Bendor Grosvenor. Each episode in the series focuses on stories of the Renaissance and onwards, from the Letters of Michelangelo to Leonardo da Vinci, the soothing stories will help you drift into a relaxing (and educated) sleep. podcasts.apple.com

The History Chicks

A podcast hosted by two ‘history chicks’ who discuss the most prominent factual and fictional female characters in history. Discussing the challenges, failures and interesting facts about characters such as Charlotte Brontë, the four wives of King Henry VIII and Grace O’ Malley, it is sure to spark your interest in the several thousand years of female history. thehistorychicks.com

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