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Everything You Need to Know about Backyard Cinema’s New Home

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Everything You Need to Know about Backyard Cinema’s New Home

Film, music, food and beer lovers, rejoice; Backyard Cinema heads to Wandsworth for good.

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Think the end of summer in London means the end of fun? Think again. Backyard Cinema, the Kings of immersive film experiences, are settling into an old television studio this September as their new and excitingly permanent home in Wandsworth. 

Everything you need to know about Backyard Cinema’s New Home

Summer’s for love, summer’s for al fresco dining, summer’s for picnics in the park, and in London, summer is for outdoor and immersive cinema. There’s something undeniably romantic and special about watching a movie projected onto a big screen in unusual and sometimes natural surroundings, and each summer, the city goes crazy for it. It’s not just London who’ve picked up on the craze – historic heritage houses in some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside settings have found contemporary uses for their grounds by screening cult classics and family favourites on barmy evenings and cool afternoons. Add in some street food, beer, bean bags and blankets, and you’ve got an activity that everyone can enjoy, from singletons on a date to groups hanging out, lovers looking for an unusual setting for a romantic rendezvous and families spending time together.

Backyard Cinema

Backyard Cinema is one of the organisations bringing all this to the city that welcomed it with open arms when it grew from quite literally a backyard cinema in the garden of the founder to an all-singing, all-dancing immersive cinema experience provider. In its newest and most ambitious venture yet, Backyard Cinema are settling into their new home: Capitol Studios, which has been converted from a television studio to a ‘sensory cinematic playground’ including a 250-seat cinema, a bar stocked with craft beers, space for street food, live music, and much more. Sparing no expense for their first permanent home, the themed venue will be a place for film lovers to come and spend any and all amount of time enjoying cocktails on tap and artisan foods whilst live music amplifies the quirky atmosphere. Quite a journey from their humble garden beginnings!

Backyard Cinema

The new home, Capitol Studios at Ram Quarter in Wandsworth, is something of a legend in the music scene, having hosted major artists including David Bowie and The Beatles, as well as being the recording studio of the classic cooking show throwback, ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’. The creativity that exuded out of the venue in those days will be reignited with Backyard Cinema’s fitting autumn winter theme, fan favourite, ‘The Winter Night Garden’. Guests heading for a movie will wander through The Studio Bar, designed as a hidden wardrobe full of lush foliage and vintage-style leather sofas, best paired with a drink from the bar. They’ll then have to find their way to the cinema itself, the ‘Lost Theatre’, a cosy and intimate area of giant beanbags and grand chandeliers where only the best new releases, sing-a-longs and classic favourites such as Harry Potter, Moulin Rouge, Aladdin, Rocketman and Dirty Dancing will be beamed onto a high quality screen.

Backyard Cinema

Though film is the name of the game at Backyard Cinema, the new venue doubles as a casual all-day hangout. The inside area features a bar specifically championing craft beers, the outdoor courtyard will play host to friends feasting and special celebrations, and live music will continuously serenade the ongoing joyful activities. And don’t think for a second the food offering won’t match the calibre of the rest of lavish production – Honest Burgers, Mother Clucker and Dappa will be on hand to provide taste sensations in the form of beef and vegan burgers (Honest has created a special Backyard mayo), southern-fried chicken and plant-based ice cream to cleanse the palette before glugging down a good craft beer or two courtesy of Gipsy Hill and their beer bar.

Backyard Cinema

Wandsworth is not only up and coming, it’s up and come – young millennials commute from their stylish new-build apartments here into the city and life by the river agrees with them. Backyard Cinema as an addition to Wandsworth will give locals an edge and will no doubt draw film fans from all over the city to experience how Backyard Cinema are settling into their new home. We’re guessing, extremely well.

Backyard Cinema at Capitol Studios Wandsworth will open on September 13th 2019. Discover more about their new home and the screening line-up by visiting