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5 Crafts Trends for 2018 (& Where to Learn Them in the UK)

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5 Crafts Trends for 2018 (& Where to Learn Them in the UK)

Time for a new hobby? Learn it on location


There has never been a better time to get involved in the British craft industries. Whether you’re thinking about launching your own business or you’re simply looking to broaden your horizons and master a new hobby in your free time, we’ve rounded up the biggest crafting trends for 2018, and scouted out the best ways to learn them in the UK.

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5 Crafts Trends for 2018


If you haven’t worked on a collage since you were plastering your walls with pictures meticulously cut from the pages of Top of the Pops magazine in your teenage years, now could be the time to rediscover an old skill.

Best place to learn: London. Collage is tipped to make a comeback in 2018, with numerous arts courses cropping up across London, from Central St Martins’ ‘Contemporary Collage’ short course to two-hour sessions at indie East London studios that will set you back little more than the price of your morning coffee and croissant.

Finger Knitting & Arm Knitting

The trend for oversized, chunky knitting continues in 2018, with simple finger knitting going one step further to oversized arm knitting with giant chunky yarns. This is a fun crafting trend to try with all the family, and it’s great if you like to see results quickly; your creations will be bigger than you in no time at all.

Best place to learn: London. You can sign up for a three-hour arm knitting class with Tea & Crafting in London, where you’ll leave with your finished blanket.


Sewers and fabric collectors rejoice; the art of quilting is trendy again on the crafts scene. Your mum (and her mum) will be thrilled to pass on all her quilting secrets; so grab a granny (or a grandpa) and start collecting scrap fabrics to patch together into beautiful creations, now.

Best place to learn: Nationwide. The Quilters Guild is a great place to check out the best upcoming events near you. ECT Travel run a quilting tour in the Cotswolds from 17-20 April with Jan Hassard, who has studied and taught extensively in this country and abroad. Her work has been exhibited widely and won many prizes including the Quilters’ Guild Award for colour twice.

Hand Printing

The art of print-making with traditional methods is making a come-back this year, with a host of workshops and courses popping up nationwide to keep the art alive. Well-known stationery designer, Katie Leamon is involved in a series of events in Yorkshire to bring the art of gold foiling and press printing to life.

Best place to learn: Yorkshire. Check out the #MadeAtMiddleton series at The Middleton Lodge Estate, involving a selection of British artists and craftsmen for a brilliant series of crafts events. This aforementioned event will be Katie Leamon’s first ever workshop, where she will be teaching guests all about gold foiling and press printing, with each guest creating their own correspondence sets to take home.

Pottery Throwing

Britain’s obsession with craft ceramics continues in 2018, with more and more places to learn cropping up across the country, from paint-your-own pottery shops, to ceramics studios that mean serious business. The benefits of making your own are said to include stress-relief incorporate your me-time with upgrading your homeware this year.

Best place to learn: There are some seriously good courses nationwide, but if you can swing (or ‘throw’) it, journey to Cornwall, home of some of the country’s best-known ceramics studios and book in for a week-long intensive course. The sea-views can’t hurt with the stress-busting theme, either, hey?

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