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The Best Art Exhibitions in London

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The Best Art Exhibitions in London

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Looking to soak up some culture in the capital? The search ends here; read our roundup of the best art exhibitions in London. So whether it’s contemporary classics, abstract showcases or breathtaking photography that you crave, you’ll find it here.

The Best Art Exhibitions in London

Artists by Artists: Sculpted Portraits in the 19th Century

Stuart Lochhead Sculpture

Best art exhibitions: Artists by Artists: Sculpted Portraits in the 19th Century at Stuart Lochhead Sculpture

View the work of artistic scholars Rodin, Géricault, Victor Hugo, Degas, Ingres and more at this exhibition at the Stuart Lochhead Sculpture on London’s Bury Street. Explore the similarities of these artist’s works and behold a particular highlight; a life sized bust of French artist by sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, created to commemorate the former artist’s death. Until 26 July,


The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain

Tate Britain

The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain - Tate Britain

Tate Britain’s flagship exhibition this year focusses on the astounding work of the infamous Van Gogh. The exhibition, showcasing 45 pieces of work by the artist, takes a look into how Van Gogh was inspired by Britain and in turn, how we inspired British artists who followed the great artist. Until 11 August,

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Frank Bowling

Tate Britain

Frank Bowling at Tate Britain

In a grand celebration of his work, Tate are hosting the first major retrospective of Frank Bowling’s work, a highly influential artist known for his vibrant kaleidoscopic paintings. The exhibition will follow Bowling’s journey to becoming one of Britain’s most renowned artists, and will also showcase newly created paintings that prove his artistic experimentation remains to this very day. Until 26 August,

Kiss My Genders

Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre

Best art exhibitions: Kiss My Genders at Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre

A group exhibition featuring the work of 30 artists, Kiss My Genders holds up a mirror to society’s expectations of gender and showcases each artist’s experience with gender in their own lives. Eye-opening and extraordinarily necessary, this exhibition allows visitors to explore and engage with gender fluidity, whether its something active in their own lives or not. Until 8 September,

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Hennessy: For The Culture

Somerset House

best art exhibitions: Hennessy: For The Culture at Somerset House

Celebrating one of music’s most unique genres, Grime, Hennessy: For The Culture is a curation of photographs and artist interviews telling the story of Grime; where it came from, how it was inspired to come to be. The exhibition will also explore how the genre is evolving and how it is completely and intimately linked with Black music creativity and the wealth of that industry, in the UK. Until 15 September,

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

Design Museum

Best art exhibitions: Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition Design Museum


Already partly sold out, this exhibition is quickly proving to be a hugely popular one. The work of the iconic late American film director will come to life in this exhibition of his life and his world at the Design Museum. Until 15 September.

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Artist Unknown

Kettle’s Yard

Artist Unknown at Kettle's Yard

In a groundbreaking exhibition hosted at Kettle’s Yard, one of Britain’s best art galleries (just 50 minutes to London) visitors will be able to see fascinating historic art and artefacts from Cambridge University’s museum and collections. The theme of the exhibtion looks at the intimate relationship between art and science, and will feature paintings, drawings, ceramics, wood carvings, scientific instruments, taxidermy and many more surprises to be discovered. Until 22 September,

Paula Rego: Obedience and Defiance

MK Gallery – Just an hour’s drive from London

Paula Rego: Obedience and DefianceMK Gallery

Empowering and emotive, Paula Rego’s paintings have strong, clear themes of feminism, social and worldly issues and current affairs throughout. In this exhibition, the first large retrospective exhibition of the artist’s works in England for 20 years, guests will see never-before-seen peices and intimate works on paper direct from the late artist’s close family and friends. An important exhibition for these trying times, it is a must-see. Until 22 September,

Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet

Royal Academy of Arts

Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet at Royal Academy of Arts

The Visit (La Visite), 1899

Through over 80 landscapes, portraits and prints, visitors of this exhibition at the RA will take a look into the work of Swiss painter Félix Vallotton. The exhibition takes the viewer to the streets of Paris at the time of the Belle Epoque and uses distinct colours and methods to connote sensuality, youth and the vibrancy of the streets of Paris at the time. Until 29 September,


Leonardo Da Vinci: A Life in Drawing

The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Leonardo Da Vinci: A Life in Drawing at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Two heads of grotesque animals c.1490-95

To mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest Renaissance artists, there are 12 exhibitions popping up at different locations across the UK. At The Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace, 200 sheets of drawings will be brought together to make it the largest exhibition of Da Vinci’s work in over 65 years. Until 13 October,

Berlin/London: The Lost Photographs of Gerty Simon

The Wiener Library

Berlin/London: The Lost Photographs of Gerty Simon The Wiener Library

Gerty Simon captured some of her extraordinary life through the art of photograhy. All will be revealed in this exhibition at The Wiener Library in Russell Square, from her escape from Nazi prosecution to arriving in London with her son. Until 15 October.

Architecture of London

Guildhall Art Gallery

Architecture of London at Guildhall Art Gallery

Old St Paul’s DiptychBy: John Gypkin. Date: 1616. Credit: Society of Antiquaries of London

London is one of the most diverse, forward-thinking and contemporary cities in Europe, and its architecture tells the story of how it’s changed so vastly and so rapidly in the past 400 years. Guildhall Art Gallery’s new exhibition, Architecture of London, looks at how London’s cityscape has changed with a close-up look of its streets and buildings. The exhibition features 80 pieces of words by 60 artists and explores this architectural development through paintings ranging from the 17th century to today. Until 1 December,

Olafur Eliasson: In Real Life

Tate Modern

In the most anticipated exhibition of his work yet, Olafur Eliasson will return to the Tate Modern from July 2019 to January 2020 with an immersive art exhibition looking at the artist’s interest and interpretations of movement and the way in which humans interact with other people and their environments. With a clear theme of climate change and sustainability too, this culturally relevant exhibition is a must-see for art lovers. Until 5 January 2020,

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