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The C&TH Guide to Gardening in London

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Discover if you have a green thumb and put it to use this year

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Those who love the act of gardening will tell you it soothes their soul – that it’s a creative outlet, a way to bring something beautiful into the world for you and everyone around you to admire (like having a child, with just a tad less commitment). If you don’t have a garden at your own home, consider this the only guide you need to gardening in London.

Discover the best places in the city for renting your own allotment and experience the joy of gardening amongst like-minded people; plus, we’ve also rounded up the must-buy products from trowels to forks, and where to buy them, so you’re all kitted out for your new 2019 hobby – gardening.

The C&TH Guide to Gardening in London

North London

Tudor Road Allotments

Managed by the New Barnet Allotment Society, this allotment is one of just a few in North London that has places available to rent. Get a plot and use the provided water services to plant and grow your favourite fruits and vegetables, whilst making friends with your allotment neighbours and sharing tips and tricks of the trade. Email Katherine Hopkin at [email protected] for more information!

Stanhope Road

This Barnet allotment, managed by the Brook Farm Horticultural Society, is currently operating and has vacancies. Get in touch with [email protected], but make sure to hurry – they won’t last long!

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East London

Beautiful Allotment

Beautiful Allotment

This summer pop-up hosted by Bourne & Hollingsworth proves gardening can be a fun, social activity, and is returning this Summer after a hugely successful residency in the Summer of 2019. Beautiful Allotment combines gardening, drinking and eating, thanks to a collaboration with the Lend and Tend initiative to ‘get people growing’. Last year, it was hosted in the Victorian gardens of the Geffrye Museum, where guests could book handcrafted potting sheds, day beds and vegetable patches. Keep tabs on what’s in store for Beautiful Allotment 2020 at

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South London

Grove Allotments

Grove Allotments in Dulwich is a small allotment community of 75 members, located on Dulwich Common. Apply for a plot and spend a day a weekend tending to your very own private spot and admiring the local wildlife such as hedgehogs and stag beetles! Apply for a plot here.

West London

Fulham Palace Meadow Allotments Association

Fulham Palace Meadow Allotments Association

Sat next to the River Thames and with 406 rich plots available, it’s no wonder the waiting list for an allotment at FPMAA is from 5-7 years. However, apply for membership here and you’ll have access to one of the most beautiful allotment locations in London, kept looking neat and colourful by volunteers and used by those with some of the most impressively green thumbs in West London. Apply for an allotment by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 7731 6055.

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9 Essential Gardening Tools & Where to Buy Them


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  • Wheelbarrow


    This heavy-duty builders’ barrow is used by the professionals and should be used by you, too. The wheel is puncture proof, perfect for allotments with uneven paths, and it has the capacity for approximately 85 litres. Buy it now for £46.49 on Amazon

  • Dibber


    A dibber is used for making holes in the earth for seeds and bulbs to be planted in. Buy this wooden one for a mere £9 and get it personalised for a really special touch. Buy it now for £9 at

  • Digging Spade

    Digging Spade

    Make digging easy with this spade from Wickes. The handle is comfortable, it’s solid and sturdy, and is a real necessity for a gardening job big or small. Buy it now for £19 at

  • Garden Trowel

    Garden Trowel

    This beautiful bronze garden trowel will add a splash of luxury and style to your gardening kit. It’s handcrafted, has a 25-year warranty and is perfect for planting out and potting on. Buy it now for £31.50 at


  • Fork Hoe

    Fork Hoe

    This double-purpose tool is necessary for more difficult gardening jobs. The fork is used to break up soil, and mattock is perfect for decimating weeds. Buy it now for £76.20 at 

  • Garden Knife

    Garden Knife

    One of the utter-most essentials for gardeners, a compact knife is used for cutting and trimming. This one we’ve selected has been endorsed by RHS, the Royal Horticultural Society. Buy it now for £39.99 from

  • Okatsune Secateurs

    Garden Secateurs

    An invaluable purchase for any garden maintenance. These lightweight Japanese secateurs promise precision by its slender, razor-sharp blade. Buy them now for £38 at

  • Golden Gark

    Golden Gark

    This 3-in-1 tool comprises of a rake, shovel and soil sieve and is made with highly durable materials. It’s lightweight, allows you to garden comfortably without too much straining or stretching, and comes with a 2-year warranty. Buy it now for £44.95 from Amazon

  • Oscillating Hoe

    Oscillating Hoe

    Kent & Stowe’s oscillating hoe is a traditional gardening tool with a long handle and made with stainless steel. The self-sharpening blade cuts through the soil to the weeds, and its head which moves in a swivel movement means you can cut weeds in a push-pull motion. Buy it now for £44.50 at

Happy gardening!


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