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HowTheLightGetsIn Winter Revel: What’s On?

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Lockdown sent your brain to sleep? This virtual ideas festival will wake it up

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is science objective? How can we implement radical change? These are just some of the big questions being delved into at HowTheLightGetsIn Winter Revel, a new edition from the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, taking place online on 20 February.

Jared Diamond

Presented by The Institute of Art and Ideas, the Winter Revel follows two widely successful virtual festivals in 2020. Offering a place to explore ideas, the day-long event features discussions from Pulitzer Prize winners, bestselling authors and political campaigners, covering everything from the nature of consciousness to the future of feminism.

Olivia Fane

The line-up includes world-renowned academic Jared Diamond, founder of The Skeptics Society Michael Shermer, writer and feminist Mikki Kendall and Niki Adams, spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes, a network of women working in different areas of the sex industry. There’s also psychiatric social worker-turned-writer Olivia Fane, award-winning, Ugandan-born author and columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, and philosophy professor Barry C Smith, who recently led a worldwide consortium of scientists and clinicians to research sensory loss after exposure to Covid 19.

Debate highlights include a conversation on The American Dream with Jason Brennan and Jon Sopel, a discussion on the concept of truth with Hilary Lawson and Michael Shermer, and a deep-dive into the limits of sexuality with Nikki Adams, Mikki Kendall, Olivia Fane and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

Yasmin Alibhai Brown

An exciting element of the festival is the new VR platform, which allows attendees to experience over 40 different stages and spaces. This includes music and performance from Grammy Award-winning singers, world music innovators and film score legends, plus an energetic DJ set to keep you dancing through the night (from your living room).

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