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Sneak Peek: Inside the August Super Yacht Issue

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Sneak Peek: Inside the August Super Yacht Issue

Welcome to the Super Yacht August Issue of Country & Town House Magazine...

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Your August issue of Country & Town House magazine is hitting newsstands on Wednesday, and this month, it’s the super yacht special, featuring Christian Horner, Richard Branson and more…

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Inside the August speed issue, you’ll find…

August Cover

Bull’s Eye: Christian Horner lives life in the fast lane, finds Jeremy Taylor, who visits him in the Cotswolds at the home he shares with Geri Halliwell.

The Super Sabbatical: Three cheers for grown up gap years, says Christopher Silvester.

After The Storm: The Caribbean has a new lease of life.

The Bucket List: Richard Branson has his sights set on space.

Plus: We take a deep dive into the world of yachts; from the best new builds to those charting new territory with sustainability and off-grid, low-key luxury. Plus, everything you need to know about buying and chartering, a drink with Nicole Farhi, country and town life with Nigel Slater, Simon de Burton on British boat builders and much more.

August Issue

Our contributors share their views on speed…

Nigel Tisdall

What would you take if you were marooned on a desert island? A stem of sugarcane with a view to making rum; a Persian yakhchāl (underground cooler) in the hope of making ice; lime seeds for growing the final ingredient in my Desert Island Sundowner. Party invites to follow by carrier parrot.

Where did you go on your last adventure? To Turkey for a week-long detox cruise on a vintage motor yacht chartered by the Austrian health clinic Vivamayr. I lost four kilos and learned far too much about digestion.

How do you slow down? I listen to the Dutch composer Joep Beving, who I discovered on a long-haul flight. While the movies on planes are a mixed bag, the audio is invariably full of treats.

Mark Durden-Smith

What would you take if you were marooned on a desert island? A tennis ball, a video of my children bringing my wife downstairs for her birthday breakfast and a freezer full of butter to drizzle on fish.

Where did you go on your last adventure? I went to Florida to talk about roller doors. We snuck off to go
on an airboat to whizz round the mangrove swamps looking for alligators.

How do you slow down? I’ve recently discovered the wonders of a game of boules on a summer’s evening. It’s life affirming and pulse slowing.

Laura Ivill

What would you take if you were marooned on a desert island? I’m never without lip gloss, although a desert island might only require Dr Harris & Co lip balm. The stress of waiting to be rescued calls for Ilapothecary’s Beat the Blues pulse roller. And for a good night’s sleep under the stars, I’ll need a luxury fully adjustable bed.

Where did you go on your last adventure? I was in the Arctic Circle on mid-summer’s day, where the sun never sets. Who better to hang out with than my mum – she’s 80 and we are still sharing adventures together.

How do you slow down? Meditation. I discovered Will Williams’ Beeja Meditation a couple of years ago and it’s a game changer.

Daniel Graham Hack

What would you take if you were marooned on a desert island? A knife for hunting, flint stone to make fire with, and a satellite phone to call someone to get me off of the island.

Where did you go on your last adventure?I went to Bali with three of my closest friends just over a month ago. It is an absolutely magical place, I would highly recommended. 

How do you slow down? Yoga and calisthenics training. The two things that calm the mind and body for me. Also, a glass of red every now and then helps too.

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