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Sneak Peek: Inside the Watch Special July Issue

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Sneak Peek: Inside the Watch Special July Issue

Welcome to the Watch Special July Issue of Country & Town House Magazine


Your July issue of Country & Town House magazine is hitting newsstands on Wednesday, and this month it’s the watch issue featuring our annual watch guide, interviews with Rob Brydon and India Hicks, and a few of fashion’s finest moments…


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July C&TH Cover

Inside the July watch issue, you’ll find…

The Watch Guide: C&TH’s annual watch guide, where you’ll find out why green watches are the new blue, which brands have snagged which celebs, why women are getting complicated and more

Catwalk King: Chris Moore talks to Lucy Cleland about capturing fashion’s key moments

Cottoning on to the Carribean: Mustique’s Cotton Club gets a whole new look for its 50th birthday

Conversations at Scarfes Bar: Matthew Bell meets comedian Rob Brydon

Clean & Green: How to spring clean the eco-friendly way

Plus: The best rentals for family and friends; Sebastian Coe on Wimbledon; Lucy Cleland tests Jeep’s new compass; Clementina Jackson explores Perugia; Pools to make you take the plunge, and much, much more…

July Issue Beauty shoot on beach

Our contributors share their views on time…

Simon De Burton

What does time mean to you? Endless opportunities to be late, but leaving home without a watch can help.

How are you slowing down your life nowadays? I’ve lived on Dartmoor for 11 years – if life were any slower I’d be back in the 16th century by now.

Where would you turn back time to… The 1920’s/30’s. more substance, less internet, more to discover, less political correctness, more freedom and less traffic.

Time is running out for… The world, because of our greed and idiocy. But don’t worry – it will turn back the clock when we’re least expecting it.

Kitty Buchanan-Gregory

What does time mean to you? It’s a rare commodity to be cherished, especially spending time with the people you love.

How are you slowing down your life nowadays? I take my dog for a walk by the river in southwest London, we watch the rowers, listen to the birds and decompress from city life.

Where would you turn back time to… World War II and the Cabinet War Rooms. I’ve known it for 12 years, and every time I visit it feels like home. I have an overwhelming feeling that I worked there in previous life.

Time is running out for… Repairing ecological damage and stopping wildlife losses. It genuinely scares me what we humans have done to this beautiful planet.

June Issue Watch Shoot Photo

Matthew Shave

What does time mean to you?  Pressure and pleasure depending who I spend it with.

How are you slowing down your life nowadays? I have two small boys and my life is more frantic than ever so I don’t feel I will be slowing down for a few years yet.


Where would you turn back time to… The long summers of my childhood which were in a pre-digital age, I could easily cope with an analogue existence where you had time to indulge in simple pleasures without the pressure of being available for 24 hours a day.

Time is running out for… The sea wall in front of our beachfront getaway. Nothing can hold the tide back…

Lydia Gard

What does time mean to you? More time with each child. With the first you are rushing to get to the next milestone, by the third you’re trying to slow it all down.

How are you slowing down your life nowadays? I’m trying to be present – enjoy the moment instead of always trying to prepare for the next event. I’ll never sit still enough to meditate, but I do at least sit.

Where would you turn back time to… 1998 for that summer of sheer unadulterated fun before responsibility kicked in. But only for that summer. The present is where we belong.

Time is running out for… Donald Trump, hopefully.

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