Sneak Peek: See inside the January Investment Issue

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Sneak Peek: See inside the January Investment Issue

Welcome to the January Investment issue of Country & Town House

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Your January issue of Country & Town House magazine is hitting newsstands next Wednesday, and this month it’s the Investment issue. With a comprehensive guide of where and what to invest in, it’s time to have fun and celebrate the end of 2016.

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Inside this month’s issue you will find:

Where to put your money post brexit and trump…. Jonathan Prynn, consumer editor of the Evening Standard, asks the experts about where to put your hard-earned money post two of the biggest political shake ups in recent times. Whether it’s bonds or Bordeaux, gold or gems, a lot comes down to sheer good luck…

Jewellery as Investment – Annabel Davidson takes a deeper look at how jewellery can offer ‘a safe place’ for your money, as well as the wonderfully desirable and wearable pieces that might make you a good return.

Caroline Issa

Style and substance We meet the multi-talented, gorgeous, funny, bright Caroline Issa, one of our favourite style ambassadors. Issa is person who defies convention. With a cool head for business (she was a management consultant), she made the leap into the often fickle world of fashion, and she’s as comfortable in front of the camera as she is directing and styling shoots for Tank magazine.

Magic and money – Charlotte Metcalf meets Drumond Money Coutts –  a man who has definitely escaped what should have been his calling is Drummond Money-Coutts. The name’s a giveaway – he’s descended from one of the world’s most famous banking families – but you’re more likely to find him stealing your diamond engagement ring than doing multi-million-pound deals, for Drummond is a magician and a rather a brilliant one at that.

Fly me away Private jets may sound as though they belong to the realm of US presidents – and Donald Trump – but they can be surprisingly affordable. Rosalyn Wikeley profiles the companies who are shaking up the industry.

Apparently, the closer you live to a highly sought-after members’ club, the more you pay for your property. Graham Norwood investigates the so-called ‘Soho House’ effect.

Jan fashion shootThis month’s issue is accompanied by Great British Brands 2017: 150 British Success Stories.

Our contributors share their investment plans for 2017

Louise Samuelsen

What are you going to invest in this year? We are doing up an old country house, so no big clothing or jewellery investments on the cards for this year.

Most expensive investment to date? For a while I was obsessed by learning how to play the guitar – so, overall, in time, equipment and lessons, that was a pretty expensive investment. Sadly it’s not one that has paid off that much as I don’t play at the moment.

Worst moment of 2016… Brexit and Trump election.

Most looking forward to in 2017… Moving into our (hopefully) newly finished house in the summer after living for six months in a one-bedroom in our garden with two kids and two cats.

Jonathan Prynn

What are you going to invest in this year? My sons’ education and the fabric of the house. Unfortunately, that does not leave much for ‘fun’ investment.

Most expensive investment to date? A lovely family hideaway on the Normandy coast.

Worst moment of 2016…  Hearing bad news about the health of family members.

Most looking forward to in 2017… More time with friends and a stronger pound so that we can live a bit more of La Bonne Vie on trips to France.

Adriaane Pielou

What are you going to invest in this year? Ideally, a Dan Baldwin. I loved his show at the Maddox Street Gallery.  Realistically, water and baked beans.

Most expensive investment to date? Educating our two daughters.     

Worst moment of 2016… Watching Glass Walls on YouTube. I’ve been vegetarian ever since.

Most looking forward to in 2017… Seeing Lucy, our younger daughter, in Kenneth Branagh’s remake of Murder on the Orient Express – she’s playing the mysterious ballerina countess.

Anastasia Bernhardt

What are you going to invest in this year? A new bathroom. Preferably one with big shiny brass taps, Bert & May tiles… and a loo that doesn’t leak.

Most expensive investment to date? My cat.

Worst moment of 2016… Going to pack up the car to drive down to Cornwall only to discover that it had been sitting in the pound for two weeks with a big fat ticket.

Most looking forward to in 2017… Finishing my crochet blanket, although I fear it might not be completed until 2018.

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