new year's eve at home

How to Have the Best New Year’s Eve at Home

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Goodbye 2020, we won't miss you

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: finally saying goodbye to 2020. It’s been the saddest, strangest year we’ve had in living memory, which makes giving it a good send off even more essential. Although you may not be able to head out to celebrate with family and friends as usual, and pubs will be closed at an unseasonable 11pm, there’s still plenty of ways to make it a celebration to remember at home. Here’s to ending it on a high.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

new year's eve at home

Make the cocktails you’ve always wanted to try

Your drinks trolley is bulging with bottles, but somehow cocktail hour never quite manages to happen… sound familiar? But a New Year’s Eve at home is the perfect time to dust off that cocktail shaker, and master the drinks you’d normally be ordering from the bar. Espresso martini fan? We’ve got a recipe with a delicious orange twist. Looking for a twist on mulled wine? We’ve got that too. Alternatively, if you want to make things even easier, just order your favourites from our round-up of the best cocktail delivery kits. Cheers to that!

Cook up a feast

Love or loathe Christmas food, by New Year’s Eve you’ll probably be ready to switch up your menu for something a whole lot lighter than turkey, mince pies and Quality Street. How about fragrant, Moroccan-inspired lamb shank and coucous on filo pastry? Or pan-fried cod with a pesto and breadcrumb topping? Or you can order a DIY recipe kit from an amazing restaurant, for a gourmet experience in your own kitchen. And don’t forget to make it a night to remember with a beautiful tablescape.

Have a watch party with themed outfits

Zoom quizzes are so 2020. Instead, sign your friends and family up to a film watch party, so you can all enjoy a favourite film or TV show at the same time – services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Channel, Hulu and HBO all offer the technology. Go one better, and dress up as your favourite character from the film to really get the party going. These British films are all worth a watch.

Pop some champagne

new year's eve at home

It’s been a year to forget, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t celebrate your New Year’s Eve at home. So pop open a bottle of champagne – or go local with its cousin from across the channel, English sparkling wine. You deserve it.

Write down everything you’re leaving behind in 2020, and what you’re hoping for 2021

On average, New Year’s resolutions are ditched by 17 January. Instead of making an all-or-nothing resolution, consider what you’d like to leave behind in the old year – bad habits, negative decisions, toxic relationships – and write down what you’re hoping and manifesting for in the New Year.

Plan the year ahead

Leave 2020 behind for good by making a list of plans for 2021. Whether that’s booking that bucket list holiday, finally going for your dream career, moving to the country, or spending more time with friends and family, get some concrete plans in the calendar – ideally with dates, too. Getting started early will help ensure 2021 is your best year yet.

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