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6 Posh Party Ideas for Kids

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6 Posh Party Ideas for Kids

Make your little one the talk of the birthday party town with these properly posh party ideas

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Recent research has revealed that parents are spending more than ever on their children’s birthday parties with many believing their progeny’s popularity depends upon getting it right. The days of inviting a few friends round for jelly and ice cream and pass-the-parcel went out with the ark, so if you’re lacking inspiration, we’ve pulled together the ultimate (tongue in cheek) country and town go-to list for C&TH types.


Drive Off-Road

Based at Gleneagles in Perthshire, children can take part in this fantastic off-road adventure using half-scale Land Rover Series 1 replicas. After mastering the basics, youngsters can complete an off-road circuit, covering obstacles such as log piles, sleeping policemen and a water splash. 4-9 year olds; 45 minutes; from £105pp.


Horse Around

For the pony-mad youngster, Coworth Park near Ascot offers the perfect birthday treat. From plaiting manes and painting hooves to trying out some easy gymkhana games, all that fun will be topped off with a pony-themed feast, a birthday cake and a pony-mad party bag. 4-12 year olds; 1.5 hours; from £100pp.

Shoot Straight

The Royal Berkshire Shooting School organises lots of young shots events, so is perfectly placed to accommodate guests who might want to have a clay shooting birthday party. The children will learn the correct and safe handling of the gun, as well as how to clean it, etiquette in the field and an introduction to country life before they enjoy instruction on the RBSS grounds with 50 cartridges and clays each. 9-16 year olds; two hours; £66pp.


Become A Pirate


The Golden Hinde is the perfect children’s pirate party venue, with five decks of history and fun to feed their imaginations for an unforgettable swashbuckling good time. Two crew will be keeping your pirates entertained with games, treasure hunts and tall tales of adventure on the high seas. 6-11 year olds; two hours; from £24pp.

Get Creative

Celebrate your child’s special day with an icing party for budding bakers where the Biscuiteers’ team of expert icers will teach them the skills they need to decorate their very own full tin of biscuits. Parties are held at the company’s cafes. 6-12 year olds; two hours; from £375, plus £12 for each child.

Go Undercover

Spy Birthday provides spy training sessions for younger children. Secret agents teach children facts about spies, play logic and mind games, and even use the coolest spy tools like polygraphs, lasers and Morse code with the birthday celebrant as the lead spy. A spy ID card is issued at the end of the party. 6-10 year olds; two hours; from £195 for 12 children.

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