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Sketch Unveils Magical Christmas Installations

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Sketch Unveils Magical Christmas Installations

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more Instagrammable...

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Mayfair’s iconic dining emporium sketch has been transformed into a festive winter wonderland through a series of immersive installations, titled ‘Christmas here, there and everywhere’.

Designed in collaboration with a number of leading artists, florists and prop makers, the exhibition explores Christmas rituals and traditions from all over the world.

Sketch Glade

There are five installations, each celebrating different customs – the first being in the venue’s entrance hall and main reception. Here award-winning florist and creative director Carly Rogers has brought together a team of prop makers to transform the entrance into a fairytale succession of Christmas scenes. Alongside this Piers Atkinson has designed a front window display, featuring pieces worn by everyone from Lady Gaga to Kate Middleton.

In The Glade sits an enchanting floral creation from Figa & Co’s creative director Kim Beedie titled ‘A storm in a tea cup’. Winter leaves and faded blooms spiral out of a china teacup, with a vortex climbing upwards into a luminous snow-cloud.

Sketch Parlour

The pink Parlour has also been transformed with the help of Shoreditch-based paper art studio Pom Pom Factory. They’ve created a series of decorative structures inspired by the Christmas Parol, a traditional star-shaped ornament found in the Philippines. And as if the room wasn’t picture-perfect enough already, it’s now adorned in mirror starburst wallpaper gems, pom poms and a giant origami bow – all brought to life through a Kaleidoscope-like video created by animation collaborator Ping.

Sketch East bar

Over in the world famous pod-style loos, meanwhile, you’ll come across a four-metre wide flying saucer – another project from Rogers – depicting a scene of a far-away universe where a UFO has landed.

Sketch Lecture Room

Last but certainly not least you have Ricky Jackson’s opulent Christmas tree, positioned in the three-Michelin starred Lecture Room and Library. This 4.5 metre creation brings to life the opulence of 18th century Russian courts, inspired by the colours and egg-shaped ornaments of Fabergé.

Alongside the installations, CÎROC have created some special festive cocktails in the Glade and Parlour, and a Christmas afternoon tea will be available in the Gallery.

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