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Sneak Peek: Inside the February 2019 Men’s Issue

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Sneak Peek: Inside the February 2019 Men’s Issue

Welcome to the Men's Special Febrary Issue of Country & Town House Magazine...

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Your February issue of Country & Town House magazine is hitting newsstands next week, and this month it’s the men’s issue featuring Carlos Acosta interviewed by Lynn Barber, William Boyd interviewed by Alexander Larman, Holly Rubenstein, Shaun Rankin and Alice Lascelles…

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Inside the February Men’s issue, you’ll find…

Life After Tights: Lynn Barber meets Carlos Acosta

An English Brand in New York: Charlotte Metcalf salutes the British brands who have cracked America

A Good Man In Literature: Alexander Larman meets one of the UK’s best-loved authors William Boyd

The Bucket List: Our new series starts with actor Dominic West reminiscing about his holiday memories with Holly Rubenstein

Plus: We welcome two new columnists: Michelin-starred chef Shaun Rankin as our food columnist and Alice Lascelles as our drinks columnist, Caroline Phillips trogs after quadrupeds in Uganda, Henry Conway advises how to rock the red carpet, leading art dealer Philip Mould talks survival in a hugely competitive world and much, much more…

Carlos Acosta

Our contributors share their favourite interviewees, literary heroes and thoughts on Brexit…

Lynn Barber

Who’s been your favourite interviewee? My first ever interview was with Salvador Dalí and that was good fun. More recent favourites include Rupert Everett, Tracey Emin, Courtney Love and Nicky Haslam.

On March 29, you will be… Celebrating something, but heaven knows what. Just the fact that it’s over – if it is.

Your literary hero is… The Great Gatsby because he is so intriguing.

It’s cold, dark February. Make us smile… Oh PLEASE don’t make me tell a joke! The only good thing about February is that it’s short and you know primroses will be coming soon.

Holly Rubenstein

Who’s been your favourite interviewee? Tom Hanks is the nicest man in Hollywood. He loves all things British, especially football – he’s a big Aston Villa supporter.


On March 29, you will be… I’m not sure that Brexit day will in fact remain Brexit day, but if it does, I’ll be feeling very sombre.

Your literary hero is… Unashamedly, Hermione Granger – she’s ambitious, sassy and kind, in equal measure. I was such a fan that I actually auditioned for the movie. When I was told I was too tall to read for Hermione, I was devastated.

It’s cold, dark February. Make us smile… I once interviewed Sir David Attenborough and asked him which animal he’d be reincarnated as. His cheeky answer? The leopard slug, because of its erotic mating ritual.

Alexander Larman

Who’s been your favourite interviewee? Bill Nighy, because he was warm, friendly, funny, and never afraid to bat back an ill-informed question with wry humour.

On March 29, you will be… Either sitting in a corner, sobbing gently into my Rough Guide to Europe, or having a celebratory glass of French, Italian or Spanish wine at the narrowness of the escape we’ve had.

Your literary hero is… Lord Rochester, for living a life ten times more decadent, eventful and exciting than any other fictional character, and all before his death at the age of 33.

It’s cold, dark February. Make us smile… My favourite saying: ‘Standards in public life are rather like trousers. They should either be up or down. Halfway up, they’re no good to anyone at all.’

Adriaane Pielou

Who’s been your favourite interviewee? Hitler’s favourite American actress, the late Lina Basquette, who got lured to Berlin in 1937, pushed onto the bearskin on his bed, and of whom I got to ask my all-time favourite question: ‘So did Hitler put his tongue in your mouth?’ Answer: ‘Tried to, the rascal.’

On March 29 you will be… Highly optimistic. Nothing better than a bit of self-determination.

Your literary hero is… Nancy Mitford, so skilled at conveying depth of feeling with the lightest of touches.

It’s cold, dark February. Make us smile… Easy. Just go on to the wonderful Q&A site and search for responses to questions about rescue dogs. Admittedly that’ll make you cry, too.

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