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Spanish sustainable knitwear

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Welcome to our new column, every Tuesday we will be uncovering shopping finds with a focus on sustainability; if you love shopping and are focused on creating a smaller footprint in the world, we have done the hard work for you and are only featuring brands that have made an impact in this arena. While we know the only way to truly be sustainable is not to buy anything at all we realise it is not a reality for most. We hope to focus on forever pieces that you will love and will spark joy for a lifetime.


For jumpers with the most outstanding eco credentials look no further than Babaà. Makers of beautiful cardigans and jumpers, this Spanish brand has turned into the place to shop sustainable knitwear.

Every part of the manufacturing process uses local family run businesses such as their factory, which is based in Barcelona. It is owned and operated by Josep, a second-generation knitter. Originally the factory was founded in the 1980s by Josep’s father. Each Babaà piece is knitted using the very best Japanese knitting machines and then hand assembled by a collective of women.

Even before the wool arrives at the factory the sheep have enjoyed a wonderful life of nomadism moving freely between summer and winter pastures. Baaba also uses eco-friendly ways to dye all garments utilising a technique that uses 60% less water than the industry standard and involves no bleaching and no toxic waste.

Shop their selection of items here.

Baaba’s Best Sustainable Pieces:

Photo 1 of
  • Babaa jumper woman no22 la condesa

    Jumper woman no22 la condesa, €250,

  • Babaa jumper woman no20 summer flame

    Jumper woman no20 summer flame, 245.00,

  • Babaa Cardigan woman no16 wild fern

    Cardigan woman no16 wild fern, 255.00,

  • Babaa Jumper woman no18 midnight ocean

    Jumper woman no18 midnight ocean, 210.00,

  • Babaa Shorts woman no35 petal plum

    Shorts woman no35 petal plum, 210.00,

  • Cardigan woman no17 dark mist

    Cardigan woman no17 dark mist, 265.00,

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