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The Most Egg-stravagant Easter Eggs for 2018

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The Most Egg-stravagant Easter Eggs for 2018

The cream (egg) of the crop for Easter 2018


Looking for the best Easter eggs for 2018? Or the most eggs-travagant, eggs-cellent, eggs-traordinary luxury chocolate eggs to buy now? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we round up the most outrageous (and eggs-tra special) Easter treats on the market right now.  


Artisan du Chocolat Dragon Egg, £27.95

Dragon Egg

Is this the coolest egg you’ve ever seen, or is this the coolest egg you’ve ever seen? Apparently, chicken eggs are so last year, so invest in this dark masterpiece with a devilish dusting of chilli on the iridescent red spines…

Pierre Marcolini The Egg Hat, £135

Pierre Marcolini Egg Hat

Typical of Pierre Marcolini’s avant-garde approach to chocolate, The Egg Hat sure isn’t your typical Easter Egg. The drawers open up to reveal 30 caramel animals and 30 mini eggs. Fun for all the family.

William Curley Luxury Egg Basket, £40

William Curley Egg Basket

William Curley’s chocolate egg basket is exclusively available at Harrods, and will make a fabulous centrepiece for your Easter table (if it makes it that far…).

The Dorchester’s Fat-Free and Floral Easter Egg, £195

The Dorchester Easter Egg

Philip Hammond, The Dorchester hotel’s designer florist, has created a bespoke easter egg which is ‘fat-free’, thanks to the fact that it’s made from tightly bunched roses and can’t be eaten. Beautiful to look at, though! Each egg is bespoke to your size and colour specifications. From £195

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Paul A Young Machu Picchu Egg, £75

Paul a Young Macchu Picchu Easter Egg

This showstopper is limited edition and made using Guittard 65% Peruvian Dark Chocolate and painted with bright metallics by Paul himself. Accompanied by delicious truffles, the egg celebrating Guittard’s 150th anniversary will be available in all 3 of Paul’s chocolateries in London.

Booja Booja Champagne Truffles Decorative Egg, £34.99

Booja Booja Easter Egg

Dairy, soya and gluten free and organic. Oh, and delicious. The number one pick of dairy free Easter eggs for 2018.

The Chocolate Society, £30

The Chocolate Society Eggs

The Chocolate Society’s animal print Easter eggs from Sourced Market are each hand-painted, making these zebra, giraffe and cow print treats egg-stra special.

Le Bristol Easter Egg, €650

Le Bristol Easter Egg

Le Bristol Paris’ talented pastry chef Julien Alvarez has created a masterpiece of an Easter egg, inspired by his fascination with avant-garde sculpture and recent visit to a volcano. The resulting egg weighs 7kg, and is made with exquisite Peruvian Grand Cru chocolate and caramelised hazelnut chips.

Fortnum & Mason Six Golden Praline Eggs, £25

Fortnum & Mason Six Golden Praline Eggs

Real hen egg shells have been hollowed and filled with praline chocolate. Crack and enjoy the chocolatey goodness inside…

Hotel Café Royal Easter Egg, £35

Hotel Cafe Royal Easter Egg

Hotel Café Royal’s lauded pastry chef Sarah Barber has designed a beautiful egg for 2018, using the finest Valhrona chocolate from the south of France. This masterpiece has been finished off with gold painted chocolate feathers, while white chocolate and raspberry truffles hide within. The egg can be purchased from 19 March – 1 April from Papillon at Hotel Café Royal.


Hotel Chocolat The Ostrich Egg, £80

Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg

This egg is enormous. It’s filled with any array of 27 full-sized chocolates, and has an inch-thick shell. You’d better make sure you are wearing your most forgiving trousers this Easter…

Fortnum & Mason Hand Painted Egg, £55

Fortnum & Mason Easter Egg

This Fortnum & Mason egg is unparalleled in its elegance, created with a mix of milk and white chocolate and beautifully painted by hand using natural pigments. A true work of art.

The Pierre Marcolini Mystery Egg, £60

Pierre Marcolini Easter Egg

When one egg just won’t do, choose Pierre Marcolini’s giant dark chocolate Mystery Egg filled with 26 delicious mini eggs.

Abel & Cole XXL Easter Egg, £29.99

Abel & Cole XXL Easter Egg

This egg-stremely large egg is made using eco-friendly chocolate from right here in the UK – yes, all 1.25kg of it! The egg is organic, 73% dark chocolate and has a smattering of raspberry nibs for delicious decoration, as well as chocolate buttons hiding inside.

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