Best UK B Corp Drink Brands

The Best B Corp Drink Companies in the UK

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Summer means picnics in the park, trips to the beach, and days out with friends and family. It also means plenty of opportunities to grab a drink and cool off under the sun. Our drink of choice? Any and everything green. From smoothies and coffee to gin and beer, B Corp businesses are stealing the show when it comes to making drinks that are both high quality and eco-conscious. Be good to your body and the planet with these B Corp drink brands.

British B Corp Businesses That Are Changing The World

The Best B Corp Drink Companies in the UK

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Freestar Beer Box


This non-alcoholic beer brand boasts a process that emits 90% less CO2, uses 80% less energy and water, and produces 70% less waste than the industry average. Freestar regularly posts its B Corp scores on its website as well, ensuring that it remains transparent when it comes to its relationship with the environment.

Learn about Freestar here

Our Pick: Freestar Beer (pack of three bottles), £9.45,

Dash Water

Dash Water

From serving ‘COPtails’ at COP26 in Glasgow to being on track to save 2,500 tonnes of food waste by 2025, Dash Water is something of a tour de force in the drinks industry. Their basic business premise? Gather wonky fruit and vegetables that don’t meet the perfectionistic supermarket regulations, add a bit of British fizzy water, and you have a soft drink that you can feel good about buying.

B Corp Series: Jack Scott & Alex Wright Founders of Dash Water

Learn about Dash Water here

Our Pick: Raspberry Glass, £16.99,

B Corp Drink - Brewgooder


Brewgooder was founded on the belief that the beer we enjoy together can be a force for good. The brand was given its B Corp status back in 2018, making it the second ever UK based brewery to be accredited. Brewgooder’s goal is to make beer-brewing a more ethical and eco-conscious industry, and so far they have been successful. Working by the philosophy that every single one of its beers has been ‘Brewed on Purpose’, the brand make sure that what they produce will avoid going to waste. Brewgooder also uses its profits to help fund global projects that give communities access to clean water, an initiative that saw the brand shortlisted for the B Corp award Best For The World: Community.

Brewgooder’s Sustainability Pledge

Our Pick: Brewgooder Session IPA, £20 for 12 cans.


B Corp Drink - Hattiers Rum

Hattiers Rum

Taking on the title of Britain’s first B Corp rum company (and only the second in the world), Hattiers Rum has been setting a standard for sustainable practice since its beginnings in 2017. Hattiers Rum has been plastic free since day one, partnering with Flexi-Hex to provide simple and sustainable packaging, and has refused to farm production outside the UK to cut down on carbon emissions. Its next goal is to be Net Zero Carbon by the end of 2021.

Hattiers Rum’s Sustainability Pledge

Our Pick: Hattiers Resolute Navy Strength Rum, £56.

Coaltown Coffee

Coaltown Coffee Roasters

Coaltown’s ethos is to create delicious coffee and do good along the way. With the belief that people and planet are just as – if not more – important than profit, the brand focuses on ethical sourcing and sustainable production to ensure that they work responsibly. Not only do Coaltown use compostable coffee bags made by Biotre and exclusively use compostable coffee cups in all sites (made by fellow B Corp, Decent Packaging), the brand also makes sure that all waste coffee grounds are donated to local gardening groups for composting.

Coaltown Coffee’s Sustainability Pledge

Our Pick: Coaltown Ruarai AA coffee beans 227g, £14.50.

Equinox Kombucha

The UK’s favourite booch brand has always believed that its business should stand for more than just making money. Equinox Kombucha is a certified Organic Soil Association product, meaning that soil preservation and organic farming lie at the heart of production. Promoting a healthier ‘back to basics’ style of living, the brand supports more farmland wildlife than non-organic farming and highlights the benefits of organic produce – both for us and the environment.

Equinox Kombucha’s Sustainability Pledge

Our Pick: Equinox Peach and Turmeric Kombucha, £36 for 20 bottles.



London-based gin brand Sipsmith has always wanted to champion a better way of crafting gin, and in doing so has pioneered positive change within the industry. Sompsmith’s sustainability strategy covers five missions the brand want to achieve by 2030, including responsible sourcing of raw materials, doing better than net zero across its value chain, and working on resource circularity.

Simpsmith’s Sustainability Pledge

Our Pick: Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin, £29.



We’ve been seeing innocent drinks in our supermarkets, on our screens, and in our fridges since 1999. It’s not really a surprise then that our favourite smoothie brand is one of the greenest out there. The brand has built a team of B Keepers to keep up their sustainability goals, which include going completely carbon neutral by 2030 (if not before), championing sustainable farming, and creating a circular economy for its packaging.

innocent’s Sustainability Pledge

Our Pick: innocent Blueberries, Peaches & Apples Smoothie, £2.99.

Featured image: Hattiers Rum

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