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The 5 Best Champagne Cocktails for NYE

What better way to celebrate than with some delicious Champagne cocktails?

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Planning a party for New Year’s Eve? Make sure your fridge is stocked with champagne, and keep things interesting with a cocktail or two. Here’s our roundup of the best champagne cocktails to sip on in celebration of the biggest party night of the year…

Best Champagne Cocktail Recipes

Little Red Riding Hood

When berries are in season this is a phenomenal cocktail. Berries and champagne is always a good idea.

Oskar Kinberg Champagne cocktail recipe

  • 50ml Martin Miller’s gin
  • 15ml Fresh lemon juice
  • 30ml Hibiscus syrup
  • 2 large or 4 small strawberries
  • 3 Rasberries
  • Champagne to top

Garnish: Grapefruit twist and flower

Glass: Small goblet

Muddle the strawberries and raspberries in the bottom of a shaker. Add all the other ingredients except the champagne and shake with cubed ice for 4 seconds. Double the strain into the serving glass and top with champagne.

This recipe is from Oskar Kinberg’s Cocktail Cookbook 

Foglia D’Oro

Foglia d’oro is Italian for gold leaf so you must top this heavenly drink with gold dust for extra sparkle.

Foglia D’Oro champagne cocktail

  • 20ml Belsazar rosè vintage vermouth
  • 20ml Campari
  • 20ml Monkey47 gin
  • Top up with champagne (Billecart-Salmon)

Garnish: Lemon twist and Gold dust

Glass: Coupette 

Shake your vermouth, campari and gin over ice and double strain into your glass. Top up with champagne and add the lemon twist. Sprinkle your gold dust over the top for added decadence.

Recipe from The Dog House (underneath Bernardi’s), London


The Twinkle was created by Tony Conigliaro and served in the wonderful 69 Colebrooke Row. Tony created this drink when working at a wine bar. He was tired of constantly serving glasses of Pinot Grigio so decided to introduce something a little bit different. He named it after the Swedish girl he first served it to – because of the twinkle in her eye as she sipped it!

Twinkle champagne cocktail

  • 25ml vodka
  • 15ml elderflower cordial
  • Champagne, to top

Garnish: Lemon twist
Glass: White wine

Shake together the vodka and elderflower cordial with some ice and then strain into the glass. Top with champagne and lemon twist.

Recipe from Tony Conigliaro served in 69 Colebrooke Row, London


This is currently on the menu at The Balcon bar as part of the hotel’s Sofitel Wine Days promotion and the name, Vintner, is a person whose job it is to buy and sell wine.

Champagne cocktail

  • 30ml G’Vine Gin
  • 10ml Mastic spirit
  • 15ml Lime Juice
  • 10ml Rosemary Syrup
  • 1 dash Rhubarb bitters
  • Top with Yuzu sorbet
  • Top up with Rosé Champagne

Garnish: Rosemary and spray with lemon zest
Glass: Chilled coupe glass

Shake all the ingredients over ice and strain into your glass. Top with the sorbet and pour your champagne over.

Recipe from The Balcon, London

Mon Tresor

The Mon Tresor was created as one of Park Chinois’ Yellow Cocktails, so named for a reference in The Great Gatsby to ‘yellow cocktail music’. In fitting with the 1920’s Park Chinois bar concept the Mon Tresor is a twist on the Mimosa, which was created around 1925. The marmalade and Orange Cream Citrate add touches of bitterness and acidity which are balanced by the added sweetness of the fresh raspberries.

Park Chinois champagne cocktail

  • 2 tsp Seville orange marmalade
  • 2 Raspberries
  • 50ml Orange juice
  • 3 drops Bittermens Orange Cream Citrate
  • Topped with Champagne

Garnish: Raspberry

Glass: Champagne saucer

Soften the marmalade with a spoon before placing it in a shaker with the raspberries, orange juice and Orange Cream Citrate. Shake well and double-strain into the serving glass. Top up with Champagne and stir gently.

Recipe from Park Chinois, London

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