Food Trends To Know In 2021

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Say hello to sous vide eggs

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Boozy kombucha, fancy baby food and chickpea chips: Whole Foods predict the 10 top food trends for 2021

Food Trends 2021

Wellbeing is served

The demand for functional foods designed to boost wellbeing will continue to soar in 2021, particularly with increased interest surrounding our immune health. Brands are already incorporating ingredients like vitamin C, mushrooms and adaptogens into foods, and Whole Foods predict probiotics, broths and sauerkrauts will be used more and more in products next year. Why not try Great British Brand Symprove for total gut health?

Ditch the (tea) bag

Loose leaf tea is having a moment, with more people than ever choosing to brew their own leaves while working from home. A new survey by Great British Brand JING Tea shows that, over lockdown, 1 in 4 people in the UK upped their loose leaf tea consumption. And it’s not just black tea – rare and exotic botanical brews are becoming sought after, as people uncover the therapeutic and mindful properties of different loose leaf blends.


Epic breakfasts

Pancakes on a Monday? Why not. With so many of us working from home nowadays, we’ve got more time in the mornings – meaning breakfast is finally getting the attention it deserves. As a result, we’re seeing innovative new products popping up on the aisles, from sous vide eggs to plant-based sausages.

Baby food, all grown up

When it comes to baby food, parents have never had so much choice. Forget jars of mushy peas: these days weaning is more likely to feature on-the-go squeeze pouches of pureed rhubarb, rosemary and flaxseeds. According to Whole Foods, this is an area to watch.

Walnut oil

New oils

Olive has been the queen bee of the oil aisle for years, but other varieties are starting to get more recognition. That’s not to say olive oil is going out of fashion, but walnut, pumpkin seed and sunflower seed oils are being used more frequently by chefs looking to create unique flavours.

Alcoholic kombucha

Hard seltzers, watch out: alcoholic kombucha is coming for you. ‘Booch brands are beginning to capitalise on the increased interest surrounding healthy(ish) alcohol by bottling up boozy versions of their fermented tea. Gut-friendly, gluten-free, delicious and gets you tipsy – we’re sold.


The mighty chickpea

Thought you’d exhausted the possibilities of the humble chickpea? Think again. In 2021, expect to see chickpea tofu, chickpea chips, chickpea flour and chickpea cereal appearing on the shelves.

Fruit and veggie jerky

Step aside seitan, plant-based jerky is the new meat-free alternative on the block. Whole Foods predict we’ll be seeing all kinds of vegetarian produce served jerky style in 2021, from jackfruit to mushrooms to mango, adding: “the produce is dried at the peak freshness to preserve nutrients and yumminess.”

Basics on fire

Pantry staples are getting an exciting upgrade, say Whole Foods. “Pasta, sauces, spices — the basics will never be boring again. Get ready for reimagined classics like hearts of palm pasta, applewood-smoked salt and ‘meaty’ vegan soup.”


Coffee beyond the mug

Coffee addicts, rejoice. In 2021, you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix in the form of flavoured bars, granolas, smoothie boosters, booze and even yoghurt.

Upcycled foods

Root to stem, nose-to-tail dining will continue to gain momentum next year. “We’re seeing a huge rise in packaged products that use neglected and underused parts of an ingredient as a path to reducing food waste,” say Whole Foods. “Upcycled foods, made from ingredients that would have otherwise been food waste, help to maximise the energy used to produce, transport and prepare that ingredient. Dig in, do good.”


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