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How to supercharge your muesli bowl with Primrose’s Kitchen

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How to supercharge your muesli bowl with Primrose’s Kitchen


Beetroot and raw carrot may seem like a strange addition to your bowl of muesli, but Primrose Matheson of Primrose’s Kitchen believes they work just as well, if not better, than your dried fruit



Vegetables for breakfast?

Vegetables are versatile and nutritious and combined in the right way can add colour and interesting flavours to what has become a meal with a few fairly standard options. Root vegetables are energetically grounding, which is beneficial first thing in the morning when you feel a little light-headed. It is important to always challenge the norm, it’s the only way we discover and learn about new and beneficial things. Embracing change is key.

Will I like the naturopathic diet?

Nature always seeks balance and the naturopathic diet is a diet as nature intended. Although I don’t like the word diet – it sounds like you are going to have to give something up – with naturopathy you don’t have to give anything up.  There is nothing complicated about the diet – it focuses on real food like vegetables, whole grains, pulses, fruit and meat (buying organic where financially possible). Everything in its whole state and a little of everything. When we eat in this way it is easier to connect to our bodies and understand when perhaps we need a little more of this, or a little more of that – things like iron or magnesium. The naturopathic diet allows us to become in tune with what our bodies need and we can adjust accordingly, more spinach here, or more nuts there. This is empowerment. This is where true health and happiness comes from.

Common myth about health food?

The biggest myth is that it is called health food at all! When I think of health food I think of real food, not ready meals full of reconstituted and refined food. We are made to feel that these manufactured products are real food and that everything else is bland and boring – food for hippies.

We have been under an illusion and we are coming out of it because it didn’t serve us, it made us ill and didn’t offer us anything nutritionally. I think some people feel that making healthy delicious tasting food is difficult but actually it just takes a little imagination and putting aside a little time. There are so many recipes out there that are quick, easy and cheap.

Food hero?

Jamie Oliver is great. He encourages us to reconnect to our food and provides education, which is the key answer to the problem; if we don’t know what is good for us how will we make the necessary changes? He empowers a lot of people and I am trying to do the same on every level, not just food. The naturopathic lifestyle is a holistic lifestyle and although food is important it is a part of a whole. Exercise, mindfulness and the environment you place yourself in is all equally important and when you get all the parts working together you will find the clarity and ultimately the root of happiness that we are all seeking.

What essentials should be in my cupboard?

Quinoa, tinned beans and pulses, herbamare, turmeric, ginger, short grain brown rice, cashews, almonds, gluten-free flour, roasted red peppers in olive oil, black olives in olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Kitchen utensils you couldn’t live without? 

Spiraliser, blender, and mini grater

Favourite snack?

Almond butter and banana

What else does Primrose’s Kitchen offer, besides muesli? 

We offer organic raw nut and seed butters which are delicious spread alternatives – great for boosting protein. We also offer smoothie boosters, which are nutrient-dense food powders made from plants, I add these to a fresh juice or smoothie for energy or detox support. We recently launched raw paleo granolas using another favourite vegetable of mine, the courgette!

How important is the packaging? 

I like things to not only taste good but be aesthetically pleasing. When something looks attractive it makes you feel nice. Customers often say to me that they feel like they are buying themselves a gift when they buy our products, and that’s key. We often don’t give ourselves gifts and nurture ourselves enough. It’s seen as selfish and we are made to feel guilty about it in the society we live in. I say when you are looking after yourself and feeling your best then everyone benefits and the world grows, that is the true meaning of the expression ‘charity starts at home’.

Favourite place to be in Dorset?

In the Kingcombe Valley Nature reserve near my home walking the dog, they have a magical array of wild fauna and flora.

Food trend for summer 2015?

Dairy-free coconut ice cream and real fruit ice lollies. The raw food trend continues to grow hugely.

What gets you up in the morning?

My dog Isla! When she decides it’s time to go and bark at the sheep that peer through my garden fence…

But that’s probably not the answer you were looking for. What gets me up physically is a renewed sense of energy and vitality that I have from continuing to live the naturopathic lifestyle, and using that energy to explore ideas that I have and realise some dreams. When you feel good physically you can think clearly, set clear intentions, let go and let life happen rather than trying to force things.



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