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The Portobello Hotel – Notting Hill, W11

In room 16, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp filled the Victorian bath with champagne; Alice Cooper kept his snakes in it; and Tim Burton flooded the room by leaping from the bed into the bath and back. The Stones, U2, Tina Turner and many other starry names, from music, fashion and show business, also stayed at The Portobello in its heyday. A few years ago, it was given a new lease of life by Peter and Jessica Frankopan of A Curious Group of Hotels, which includes Cowley Manor (see page o00), L’Hôtel in Paris and Canal House in Amsterdam. Today’s look encapsulates the hotel’s bohemian spirit and that famous bed and bath are still there, among many other items from the hotel’s decadent past. Rooms, however, have been brought forward and the decoration judiciously updated using bold colours. Even the minute attic rooms have been cleverly enlarged. There’s no restaurant but breakfast in bed and sharing boards in the Sitting Room are on offer.

Nota Bene

Kate Moss & Johnny Depp famously enjoyed a champagne bath in our most famous room, 16, which is complete with a circular bed (which Robbie Williams tried to buy!).


Based in the heart of Notting Hill, you’ll be spoilt for choice with iconic buildings on every corner. Step into The Portobello though, and you may want to ask for a peak at the famed Room 16 – where legend has it Kate Moss & Johnny Depp once shared a bath together in champagne, and Robbie William liked the bed so much he tried to buy it…


Spoilt for choice again! And to help with that, the Portobello Hotel has their carefully curated Insider’s Guide, which unlocks the secrets of the most famous neighbourhood in town, and comes with some perks too – you can expect an arrival cocktail here, the best table in the house there – all by virtue of being a guest at The Portobello. If you fancy something low-key though, we’d always recommend the superb Mr Christian’s deli just down the road for some delicious epicurean delights.


With a plethora of superb boutiques and of course the world-famous Portobello Road Market on our doorstep, it’s more a question of what not to buy! Again though, our Insider’s Guide lets you access the ateliers, with superb discounts from international brands like Paul Smith to super independents like Cloud Twelve.