Deirdre Dyson has long been known for her nature-inspired carpet designs where colour is key, but this year’s Horizons collection plays with scale in an unprecedented way.

Seascape is an impressive seven metres wide while the colours of cool skies have been hand-knotted in a combination of Tibetan wool and Chinese silk for five-metre wide Skyscape, which has proved so popular with interior designers that several have asked to buy it straight off the gallery wall.

‘As a painter, my primary focus is on colour – it provides both depth and atmosphere, which also applies to my carpet designs,’ says Deirdre. ‘For my new collection I concentrated on the changeovers from one shade to another. Part of the impact of looking at the sky and the sea is their scale – so I wanted to represent them as truly as possible by creating carpets on a large scale. My amazing team in Nepal hand-knotted the two huge carpets on a single loom, which involved several craftspeople at once.’

Alongside the annual themed collection which is launched at Maison et Objet in Paris, Deirdre produces individual, tailor-made designs and receives commissions from around the world. Size, shape, and colourway are all customisable, and this year, Deirdre and her small studio team have already worked on several bespoke commissions for developments such as Battersea Power Station. The attention to detail in the design process is mirrored in the production, with each rug made to an exacting, heirloom quality.

Deirdre’s original concepts, drawings and paintings are accurately reproduced digitally, which allows her to visualise the designs before they are produced and ensures that the carpets are as close as possible to the original artwork.

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The Nepalese weavers first create an intricately detailed coloured ‘map’ of the designs (the colours are selected from more than 5,000) which is then printed full-size and hung over the top of the loom for each worker to follow. It is painstaking work: 100 hand stitches make up the size of a postage stamp. Deirdre has a close working relationship with the artisans who create her carpets, which enables her to meet with them regularly and talk through new ideas and technical possibilities. The studio is extremely proud that its carpets help the communities in Nepal and support the ancient skill of hand-knotting.

Deirdre’s work is now permanently exhibited in a dedicated interior design space in Paris, allowing the company’s growing French client base to see her products in a lifestyle context. In London, the Timothy Hatton-designed gallery on the King’s Road continues to enable clients to view carpets in a contemporary and architectural space that opens their minds to new possibilities such as carpets as wall art. When pieces like Seascape are hung on the wall it can be viewed as an artwork in itself. Whether displayed on the floor or the wall, Deirdre’s rugs and carpets are central elements in any scheme, and without doubt a piece to enjoy for life.

Deirdre Dyson, 554 King’s Road, London, SW6 2DZ. +44 (0)20 7384 4464

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