There’s an exact science to producing premium paint.

And for Farrow & Ball, that means combining only the finest quality ingredients and richest pigments to give its carefully curated palette that distinctive depth and long-lasting finish. Deepening from subtle neutrals to dark inky hues, its collection of 132 paint colours is intelligently designed to ensure each colour sits beautifully alone or as a scheme.

Founded in Dorset in 1946 by local pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball, Farrow & Ball has grown from a post-war business supplying paint to the Ford Motor Company and the War Office, to a global maker of paint and wallpaper – transforming modern and traditional homes, both large and small, across the world. The company has always had a pioneering spirit: from the beginning, the laboratory used cutting-edge methods for testing the colour and performance of both its paint and wallpaper, and in 2010 the bold decision was made to move the entire range to an eco-friendly water base.

Integral to Farrow & Ball paint is the high level of titanium dioxide; a bright white pigment that gives each shade their exceptional durability and coverage. The complex blend of up to five pigments, which are sourced from Europe, India and China, not only give the wonderful depth of colour that the company is known for but also means that the paint responds to all types of light: the same colour can feel bright in the morning sun, warm in the afternoon light or cocooning as dusk falls. Low odour and eco-friendly, a water base makes it easy to apply and ensures that it dries in just two hours.

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    Farrow & Ball Brassica Estate Emulsion and Stone Blue Estate Immulsion

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    Farrow & Ball Pelt Modern Eggshell and Arcenic Modern Eggshell

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    Farrow & Ball walls in Green Smoke Estate Emulsion and India Yellow Modern Emulsion

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    Farrow & Ball Paint Swirl

Modern homes are revealing a move towards surprising colour combinations, with the idea that two hues can be applied in equal measure, rather than one being an accent to another. Brilliant jewel tones like vibrant India Yellow and calmer Green Smoke are liberating homes, creating rooms that are filled with fun and optimism.

The British brand has also noted that while many paint their walls in rich colour, ceilings, floors and trims are often overlooked. Farrow & Ball hopes to inspire others to think creatively of each room as a whole. It might be reimagining ceilings with a striking coat of Full Gloss that draws the eye up to reclaim this fifth wall, or adding colour to the most unexpected of places – perhaps on the underside of a freestanding bath or on the risers of a staircase. Rather than painting a coat of bright white on ceilings and trims, each Farrow & Ball colour has its own complementary white to subtly balance a scheme for a more considered feel.

Produced with both artisanal methods and technological precision, Farrow & Ball paint and paper bring homes to life through the richness of colour, play of light and tactility of finish.

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