One of the world’s oldest producers of stoves, inserts and fireplaces, the Jøtul Group has built on its proud Norwegian craft heritage to keep customers from the cold for the last 165 years.

A coherent link between past and present, the timeless look of the stoves is based on both traditional Norwegian cast iron craftsmanship and functional, modern design, to ensure the products integrate with the architectural qualities of living spaces today.

All Jøtul products are handmade in Norway using only the best available materials and, while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, good design is definitely more than meets the eye: at Jøtul, there is a strong belief that form should follow function. There is also a real emphasis on product durability. In fact, this unmatched durability is the main reason Jøtul offers the longest warranty on the market and its F602 is the most sold and copied fireplace in history.

Aside from producing stoves that are both durable and beautiful, clean combustion is of great importance to Jøtul. At the global forefront of environmentally-conscious fireplace technology, almost every Jøtul model is certified with an Ecolabel, an EU identification that aims to reduce the environmental impact of energy- related products throughout their lifecycle, and all have A or A+ ratings. Selected models are also DEFRA exempt, which allows them to burn within the UK’s smoke control areas and makes burning wood in both rural and city settings possible. Jøtul’s passion for design and determination to manufacture the very best stoves and fireplaces is driven by its discerning customers and their appreciation for the products (which can be purchased through an extensive dealership network).

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    Jøtul Scan 83-1 in Glossy Red

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    Jøtul Scan 66-5 in White with ‘S’ Base

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    Jøtul F305LL in White enamel

Client satisfaction is the motivation behind it all and to that end the company has plans to enhance user experience by devising products with simpler controls. It was also with the customer in mind that in 2005 the Jøtul Group bought Danish wood burning stove designer and manufacturer Scan into its portfolio. Founded in Odense in 1978, Scan has cultivated a new tradition of producing iconic interior design-led stoves that are inspired by the possibilities created by technology, yet deeply rooted in functionalism. These contemporary striking designs not only expanded the style offering for Jøtul, but as Scan’s unique Clean Burn combustion system makes them technological fore-runners and standard setters for high efficiency, low CO2 emissions and wood consumption, the complete ethos of the business mirrored those of Jøtul perfectly.

This successful combination of styles, eye for detail, commitment to improvement and production of the finest quality stoves is a winning formula. Jøtul also shares its expertise and knowledge through guides and know-hows, so customers can be assured of a lifetime’s source of warmth and comfort from their stove or fireplace.

In the end, whichever product customers choose, Jøtul stands for award-winning, long-lasting design – not least because it has ancient Norwegian customs and culture infused into its DNA.

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