Leading UK stone specialist Lapicida is renowned for its natural stone, marble and reclaimed floors.

Founded by Jason Cherrington in 1987, the Harrogate-based company started out making slate floor tiles before gradually expanding into other custom flooring using stones from around the world. Since the beginning Lapicida has always been on a quest to source the finest examples of antique materials, and the highest-grade stone and tiles.

Today, the company boasts one of the finest reclaimed stone collections in the world including, for instance, its Antique Reclaimed Flag, an 18th-century English sandstone which has been brushed and milled to give an even thickness of stone for indoor use (this ensures not only an easier installation but the ability to use the stone with underfloor heating). And this centuries-old flooring material is firmly on trend once again with designers exploring colour, texture and decoration, mixing the traditional with the contemporary to emphasise the opulence of natural materials. Geometrics and trompe l’oeil designs are among today’s key styles – just as much at home in modern architectural settings as in stately mansions.

Enhancing this collection of stone are Lapicida’s other exceptional manmade surfaces: ceramics, sintered stone, quartz and a growing range of new generation and natural finish porcelains. One of the most complete collections of surfaces available, it includes exclusive products such as ‘Illusion’ porcelain floor and wall tiles where the random patterns of shells, veins and mineral nuances which make natural stone so intriguing have been recreated in both look and feel (the likeness is so great that it’s almost impossible to distinguish Illusion porcelain from the genuine stone).

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The company has also been working with a leading porcelain manufacturer to develop a perfect look- alike for ancient limestone, resulting in the brilliant new Villasse collection. Ultra-durable, with a completely predictable performance, porcelain is easy to lay and virtually maintenance-free.

For Lapicida, importance of quality is valued above all else – whether that means the superiority of the stone and tiles selected, the excellent customer service or craftsmanship. Working with architects, interior designers, retailers and private clients across the UK, Europe and US, the company is at the forefront of the stone and tile industry. Its Harrogate workshops are renowned for bespoke design and manufacturing, marrying state-of-the-art processes with traditional stonemasonry techniques.

Six years ago the company bought its own CNC machines to manufacture stone bathtubs and basins (this was previously outsourced to Italy). Then, a year later, it invested in a cutting-edge five-axis CNC shaping machine, which allowed an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail. The talented team of stonemasons work with natural stone and manmade surfaces, expertly crafting tiles, slabs and intricate stone floors for both interior and exterior applications.

The company has already collaborated with the likes of Bethan Gray, Lara Bohinc and Anoushka Hempel and now has its own architecturally inspired signature Erosion collection of decorative objects (made on the five-axis CNC machine) that push the boundaries of these remarkable ancient materials even further.

Lapicida, St James Park, Knaresborough, Harrogate, HG5 8PJ. +44 (0)1423 400100

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