Savoir Beds is widely regarded as the world’s most luxurious sleeping system.

First created in 1905 for The Savoy hotel in London, the bespoke beds have become almost as legendary as the stars who have slept in them, which include Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John and Madonna.

A Savoir bed can be made to any size or shape and each one is created individually at Savoir’s London bedworks or at its site in Wales. Every bed is hand-crafted from the highest quality natural materials, including long, curled Latin American horse tail, Mongolian cashmere and British lamb’s wool, to the exact size, shape, tension and finish requested. One craftsman makes each mattress and, like an artist, signs the label on each completed job. The relaxation that Savoir provides is all the more pleasurable for being personalised.

In a hectic, high-tech world, real comfort is a natural and achievable aspiration. People indulge in cars, home cinemas and holidays but the bed in which we spend a third of our lives is often overlooked, and to our detriment – a good night’s sleep is the fundamental pillar upon which our health and wellbeing depends.

The Savoir experience starts at any of its showrooms, which are around the world, from London and Paris to New York and Shanghai, with plans to open more in Europe, US and Asia in 2018. Each showroom has skilled consultants who will help provide the perfect support and will design a bed to each customer’s own style. They will literally take the measurements of customers as well as advising on fabric, bespoke headboards and an almost unlimited choice of upholstery.

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Every year Savoir collaborates with designers to create an innovative range of beds. These have included Sacha Walckhoff, Philip Gorrivan, LV Yongzhong, Nicky Haslam and Virginia White. In 2017 Savoir collaborated with New York fabric and interior designer, Madeline Weinrib, Korean lifestyle designer, Teo Yang, and Paris-based artist, Arik Levy.

This year Savoir has launched an exclusive collaboration with The National Gallery in London which takes art in interiors to another level. Classic bed designs become the perfect canvases for any portrait owned by the gallery, enabling clients to have the work of the world’s greatest artists upholstered onto the headboard and base of a Savoir bed. Every design is personally approved by The National Gallery to guarantee its integrity, ensuring clients receive their own truly unique masterpiece.

Savoir also makes beds for private aircrafts and superyachts and the team will visit boatyards to make the necessary templates for the perfect fit. They even crafted and installed a circular bed to rotate at the touch of an iPad screen, to enable the client to change the view from fireplace to the countryside outside.

Without correct support, muscles tire and REM sleep – the most restorative, mood-enhancing part of the sleep cycle – is disrupted because people toss and turn to relieve pressure points. Savoir ensures its beds deliver the right support to every individual. 

After a good night’s sleep on a Savoir, devotees awake refreshed and recharged, mentally alert and physically rested, ready for the day ahead. A Savoir bed is an investment that will pay off morning after morning and vastly improve quality of life.

Savoir Beds, 1 Old Oak Lane, London NW10 6UD. +44 (0)20 7493 4444 

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