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10 Seaside Wallpaper Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

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10 Seaside Wallpaper Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside. Sadly, that’s not always possible… But, with these seaside wallpaper designs, you can make believe that your living room, bedroom or downstairs loo is somewhere on the great British coastline.

The best seaside wallpaper prints 

1. Christian Lacroix, Beach Club, £67 per roll.

It’s loud, it’s proud and this happy yellow beach stripe would look just as good on a set of towels. Paste it up next to an old-fashioned Thomas Crapper toilet to transport to the seasides’ heyday in merry old Victorian England.


2. Graham and Brown, Beside the Seaside Blue and Red wallpaper, £10 per roll.

Graham and Brown’s demure pastel beach huts look straight from the Kent coastline. Easy, breezy and sure to fit in with most colour schemes.

Graham and Brown, Beside the Seaside Blue and Red wallpaper
3. Milton and King, Doll House Wood, £78 per roll.

It takes years to naturally distress wooden planks by the coast. Save time and fake shabby wooden boards with this cunning seaside wallpaper.


4. Galerie, Pastel Blue & White stripe wallpaper, Floral Collection, G34358 £36.95 per roll.

It may not be warm enough to rock your pastel breton t-shirt, but there’s no excuse for your wall not to wear it all year round.

seaside wallpaper

5. Sandberg, Pelle wallpaper, £84 per roll.

Mariners will love Sandbergh’s muted sailing boat illustration. The clean lines and low-key colour palette of this seaside wallpaper will work in most spaces.


6. Sanderson, Balloons wallpaper, £31 per roll.

Phileas Fogg would be proud to sport this whimsical paper in his home. What better way to observe a coastal town than from high above the clouds.


7. Farrow & Ball, Tourbillon wallpaper, £95 per roll.

It’s easy to get caught up in this dynamic print from Farrow & Ball. With very little imagination, the swirling, twirling lines become a tumultuous wash of waves.


8. Harlequin, Limosa wallpaper, £36.29 per roll.

We might not appreciate seagulls pinching our chips on the beach but we can admire their fine feathers from a distance on this wispy watercolour wallpaper.


9. Designers Guild, Marmorino teal wallpaper, £79 per roll.

If J.M.W Turner did wallpaper, this would be the gist of it. Romantic, abstract and impressionistic, like watching mist rise off the ocean on a foggy day at the harbour.


10. Debbie McKeegan, Snows Hill – White, £120 per roll.

For a relaxed, Californian vibe, try these white washed boards. No need to to sand-down, varnish or maintain as this wood’s been reduced to paper.

Snows Hill Wallpaper Debbie McKeegan


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